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City Council July 15, 2019

City Council had a rather full day. 4 meetings, 3 of which you can see below.

Committee Of The Whole.
Agenda as an HTML page or as a PDF doc.

Consideration of in-kind support for property owners in DMAF land acquisition Destination GF Team / Economic Development Steering Team Flippin Fun Gymnastics Board of Directors Shelagh Walker Whispers of Hope Revised Policy 802 - Procurement Monthly Highlight Reports Council Remuneration Review Council of Forest Industries - regarding the Interior Forest Renewal Strategy QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

At 6PM ther was a Public Hearing regarding Bylaw No. 2039-A7 Proposed Rezoning from R1(Single & Two Family Residential) to R2 (Small Lot Residential) and Development Variance Permit Application 2680 75th Avenue.

Right after that was the regular meeting at 7PM. The agenda as an HTML page
or as a PDF doc.
The resolutions regarding economic related activities and plans brought up by the Destination Grand Forks steering committee were dealt with in this part of the meeting.

MINUTES COUNCIL REPORTS Long Term Borrowing for the Fall 2019 MFA Issue - Loan Authorization Bylaws No. 1922 and 1923 Weeds Glass And Gifts Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence Application Consideration of In-Kind Support for Property Owners in DMAF Land Acquisition Bylaw 2039-A7 - Proposed Rezoning from R1 to R2 - 2680-75th Avenue LATE ITEMS QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

The meetings in their entirety.

Committee of The Whole July 15, 2019
City Council Regular Meeting

Whispers Of Hope AGM

The Whispers Of Hope Benevolence Association held their Annual General Meeting May 15, 2019 at the Legion Hall.

Deb Mcintosh from Castlegar addressed the meeting. She shared hers, and Castlegar’s, experience supporting those in need and the homeless. Melissa Shulga talked about the past years’ trail for Whispers. It has been a tough one with being evicted from their facilities, criticism from some in the community and city hall. And the flood. Melissa’s slide show didn’t work out during the meeting but we’ve recreated it to play alongside her talk in the video. The financial report got the same treatment.

Over 50 people showed up for the meeting. It was contentious at times – some in attendance have been critical of the organization and concerned about the behaviour of some of its clients. But the meeting proceeded in a civil fashion and people generally behaved themselves well.

The Board had 7 positions open and there were more than 7 nominees so a vote was held. Counting the tally took just over an hour. And there was a tie. That was settled by a show of hands from those still present. By the end of the meeting at least one of the people critical of some of Whisper’s operations found herself a member of the Board.

We had hoped to live stream the event but technical issues prevented that from happening. So we have the next best thing – the recorded for later viewing on-demand AGM meeting.

Public Meeting May 1, 2019

A Public Meeting was held at Perley School on May 1, 2019. The group Citizens For A Better Grand Forks put the event on with the City sponsoring it. Over 160 people showed up.

The meeting was Moderated by Michael Strukoff.

The links in the list below should open a new window with the meeting video cued up at the position in the meeting that the link referred to. All you have to do after that is press Play.

OR you can watch the video in its entirety below.

Apologies in advance to anyone whose name I’ve misspelled or associated with the wrong organization. And if I’d had more time I’d have put in the actual question text instead of ‘question ##’ . . . but people who did not show up want to see it so I’ve put it up in this fashio for now.

City Council Meetings of Mar 11, 2019

Grand Forks City Council had a full day with 3 public meetings starting at 9AM and ending near 9PM. Two items appeared in both meetings: Library repairs – something tangible council can work on . . . and Whispers of Hope; a thing not as easily solved.

Committee of the Whole saw 3 delegations BC Wildfire Branch, Gallery 2 gave their Quarterly Report as did the Boundary Museum. Repairs needed by the Library (a roof amongst other things) figured into the meetings. In addition they discussed a number of proposed Bylaws
Read more about that in the Agenda in PDF or HTML format.

The pie slices are buttons – click on one to watch the meeting from that point on.
BC Wildfire Branch Gallery 2 Quarterly Report The Boundary Museum Society Quarterly Report 2019 - Council Workshops Development permit No. DP 1906 Library renovations Monthly Highlight Reports Open Projects Bylaw 2057 - Parks and Public Spaces Access Bylaw Bylaw 2056 - Events Delegation Bylaw 1958-A5 - Fees and Charges Amendment - Solid Waste Collection Bylaw 2055 - Five Year Financial Plan QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

At 6PM there was a Public Feedback Session where almost none of the public showed up to ask questions or give feedback. The topic was 3 applications by Cannabis retailers.

The evening meeting of council had a few items requiring decisions: capital assets being written off, support of the Grand Forks Fall Fair, and the Dollorama Signage. For Information they got the Crime Stats from the RCMP (though not presented by anyone from the RCMP). And they also heard from some citizens with concerns regarding the Whispers of Hope’s choice of location for the soup kitchen.
Read those letters to council and more about that in the Agenda in PDF or HTML format.

The pie slices are buttons – click on one to watch the meeting from that point on.
COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Write-off capital assets Request for support of the Grand Forks Fall Fair Development permit No. DP 1906 Letter of support for Not-for-Profit Housing Capacity Building Grant Various Residents - Letters of concern regarding the proposed 5th Street Whispers of Hope soup kitchen location QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA