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Santa Comes to Grand Forks

Dec 2 is the day Santa came to town.
You can see him riding the last float in the parade video below.
The weather cooperated – Grand Forks got its first snowfall of the season just in time for the parade.

After the parade was the official switching on of the ‘tree’ and light display in Gyro Park. This year there are 3 trees.

A lot of people came out and enjoyed the events. Many are giving congratulations to the people who put all this on.


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Marijuana Dispensary – Meds not Drugs, Down Not Out

With the buzz around about the Marijuana Dispensary I felt it would be good to put a face to the place. And let them say their piece in their own words.

Speaking of Words – If you want those you can read more about it at the Boundary Sentinel. It’s worth the read (but it’s a bit long). But if you want the video, sit back and watch below. (It takes about as long to watch as to read but it’s less work)