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City Council Meetings of April 9, 2018

It was a full day for council with a Committee Of The Whole in the morning and a Regular Meeting in the evening.

In the Committee Of the Whole meeting there was a full gallery. It turned out almost all of them were with the Wildlife Association.
In the meeting council covered these items:

The meeting

The Regular Meeting had an agenda and an addendum to  the agenda. They covered these items:

The meeting

The meetings in their entirety from the beginnings


Annual report on RCMP activities in Grand Forks Grand Forks Wildlife Association - Request to grant a Licence to Occupy for a portion of City property located just west of the City landfill Temporary Use Permit for Tourist Commercial / Special Event Camping Tree Policy Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2039-A1 - Zoning Bylaw Cannabis Amendment Bylaw 2046 - 2018 Tax Rates Bylaw 2047 - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Update Bylaw 2048 - Records and Information Management Program Bylaw update QUESTION PERIOD ADOPT AGENDA RDKB Report Temporary Use Permit for Tourist Commercial / Special Event Camping Visa Credit Card Application Campground Fees and Charges Update Bylaw Downtown Business Community Request to Change Power Outage Time Motion 167 Standing Committee on Public Safety study Rural Crime Notice of motion DBA wants 4-way stops at downtown locations QUESTION PERIOD

Council Chooses Tax Rates for 2014

The city had a special meeting to deal with Bylaw 1997 – the Tax Rates bylaw. This was on Monday, May 5th at 1PM at the temporary city hall location at Roxul.

This is a Staff Recommendation that is a Request For Decision. Staff gives them 3 choices

Option 1 – Same distribution of taxes as 2013 but the overall taxes increases by 2%.

Option 2 – (this is the one that staff recommends) This one also increase the taxes by 2% BUT sees Major Industry paying a little less. Which means that commercial and residential would shoulder a bit more.

Option 3 – do nothing and change nothing so that it is the same as last year.

The discussion revolved around the support that heavy industry has gotten from the community over the years plus both of the companies are enjoying a bit of a boom time.

So which did council pick? Why they picked option 1. Watch below and you’ll see how they determined that.