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City Council Meeting of April 23, 2019

Council had only one public meeting this day. They did have a secret one as well but of course we can’t be there to tell you what happened in that. (the mayor let some of the cat out of the bag later on just before the start of question period)

Agenda for April 23, 2019 City Council Meeting: Read as a Web Page or Read as a PDF file

In this meeting you get to hear about a number of things.

Urban Systems appeared but not to talk about any particular project they have going – nope, they were there to explain who they are, how they are organized and what they do. Did you know that Urban Matters who is helping with Flood Recovery matters is part of Urban Systems? So if you’ve ever wondered about this outside firm our town spends so much money with it’s worth a listen.

The Boundary Flood Recovery team lead, Graham Watt, was also presenting an update on Housing. Council has moved discussion about Snow Clearing to a future date – which will likely see them discussing Snow in the middle of the Summer . . .

One of the biggest pieces of news came out in the Late Items – in an earlier, in-camera, meeting the City and BC Housing had been discussing the possibility of a land swap. Specifically the City would like BC Housing to consider putting the Supportive Housing development on the 4 lots the City has purchased on 70th Street immediately adjacent to the housing development currently proposed for the space between the Women’s Transition House on 19th Ave. if BC Housing goes along with it this will require a public consultation process because of zoning changes. That promises to be a very interesting process considering people near both locations do not want the project in their locales . . . you can get the gist of how rocky this may be from the feedback they got in the question period.

YouTube has changed things a little bit. After you press on a slice button a new tab/window will appear and the video will be positioned at the proper place in the meeting BUT you now have to press Play to start it playing.
Projects and Services Update - Urban Systems REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB report Snow Clearing Policy Lewis Woodpecker Management Plan Wastewater Treatment Plant Budget for 2019 BFR Housing Recovery Update QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

City Council Meetings of April 8, 2019

Council had a number of meetings this Monday – you get to see two of them.

In these meetings they discussed a number of things – the library building, the seniors society case for taking up residence in the library basement, tax rates for the coming year, the Lewis woodpecker, the snow removal plan, parks access. and the 5 year financial plan – it was a busy day.

Here are the links to see the agenda for today’s Committee Of The Whole meeting: in PDF form or as a web page.

And the links for the Regular evening meeting in PDF form and as a web page.

Grand Forks Seniors Society Business case regarding use of the Public Library basement Grand Forks Public Library Structure and Feasibility Study Lewis Woodpecker Management Plan Snow Clearing Policy Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2058 - 2019 Tax Rates Bylaw 2039-A5 - Proposed Subdivision, Rezoning and Consolidation of approx. 0.5 hectares for parking lot expansion at Hutton School
ADOPTION OF AGENDA REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB Report District of Kitimat - Letter of request for local governments to support C.O.R.E.Y. a graduated licensing program for motorcycles Bylaw 2055 - Five Year Financial Plan 2019-2023 Bylaw 2057 - Parks and Public Spaces Access Bylaw 2039-A5 - Proposed Subdivision, Rezoning and Consolidation of approx. 0.5 hectares for parking lot expansion at Hutton School

City Council Meetings of April 9, 2018

It was a full day for council with a Committee Of The Whole in the morning and a Regular Meeting in the evening.

In the Committee Of the Whole meeting there was a full gallery. It turned out almost all of them were with the Wildlife Association.
In the meeting council covered these items:

The meeting

The Regular Meeting had an agenda and an addendum to  the agenda. They covered these items:

The meeting

The meetings in their entirety from the beginnings


Annual report on RCMP activities in Grand Forks Grand Forks Wildlife Association - Request to grant a Licence to Occupy for a portion of City property located just west of the City landfill Temporary Use Permit for Tourist Commercial / Special Event Camping Tree Policy Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2039-A1 - Zoning Bylaw Cannabis Amendment Bylaw 2046 - 2018 Tax Rates Bylaw 2047 - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Update Bylaw 2048 - Records and Information Management Program Bylaw update QUESTION PERIOD ADOPT AGENDA RDKB Report Temporary Use Permit for Tourist Commercial / Special Event Camping Visa Credit Card Application Campground Fees and Charges Update Bylaw Downtown Business Community Request to Change Power Outage Time Motion 167 Standing Committee on Public Safety study Rural Crime Notice of motion DBA wants 4-way stops at downtown locations QUESTION PERIOD

Council Chooses Tax Rates for 2014

The city had a special meeting to deal with Bylaw 1997 – the Tax Rates bylaw. This was on Monday, May 5th at 1PM at the temporary city hall location at Roxul.

This is a Staff Recommendation that is a Request For Decision. Staff gives them 3 choices

Option 1 – Same distribution of taxes as 2013 but the overall taxes increases by 2%.

Option 2 – (this is the one that staff recommends) This one also increase the taxes by 2% BUT sees Major Industry paying a little less. Which means that commercial and residential would shoulder a bit more.

Option 3 – do nothing and change nothing so that it is the same as last year.

The discussion revolved around the support that heavy industry has gotten from the community over the years plus both of the companies are enjoying a bit of a boom time.

So which did council pick? Why they picked option 1. Watch below and you’ll see how they determined that.