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City Council Meeting Nov 19, 2018

City Council had only one meeting this past Monday.
It began with Service Awards being handed out to two members of the local Fire Department. The largest item was the Update from the Recovery Manager, Graham Watt.

The highlights of the meeting:

The meeting:


Award presentations COUNCIL REPORTS Verbal Update - Local Travel and Remuneration Discussion RDKB REPORT Amendment of funding approval for DMAF grant application from $200,000 to a maximum of $250,000 Recovery Update Memo and Presentation QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA


Council Meetings of Aug 20, 2018

August 20 was another full day for City Council. First a 2 1/2 hour Committee Of The Whole meeting starting at 9AM. Then an in-camera meeting and finally an evening regular meeting at 7PM.

Two organizations, gallery 2 and the Boundary Museum, came to give their quarterly reports. Watering restrictions (it’s that time of year) were on the agenda as well. The changes to border crossing hours had been on the previous agenda but the┬áCommissioner for Ferry County,┬áJohnna Exner, was unable to make that date (they also faced flooding and wildfire). She did make it this time.

But the topics that generated the most back and forth discussion were a Temporary Use Permit for a Tiny House on Wheels. Remuneration for councilors and the mayor, and whether it should be Council or a Delegate that deals with applications for shops wanting to sell Cannabis.

The highlights of the Committee Of The Whole meeting were:


The highlights of the Regular evening meeting were:


The meetings in their entirety

Gallery 2 Quarterly Report presentation The Boundary Museum Society Quarterly Report presentation Proposed Tiny House on Wheels Monthly Highlight Reports Department Managers 2018-2022 Financial Plan Amendment Proposed Council Members Remuneration and Expenses Nature Park Dedication Cannabis Delegation QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC Crossing Hours REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Watering Restrictions Council Members Remuneration and Expenses Tiny House on Wheels QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA