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Preparedness Week 2019

Preparedness Week saw things happening in Grand Forks from April 11 to 13th

Beginning on April 11 with a presentation on Your Finances After The Flood from Grand Forks Credit Union and Community Futures hosted by Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy at Selkirk College.

On April 12 and 13th 2 blocks of Market Ave. in Grand Forks were closed to traffic so a number of demonstrations and information booths could be set up for preparedness week

One of the things they wanted to point out to people was how to properly do sand bagging. Flooding in your home or store is bad enough but imagine the frustration after a lot of hard work placing sandbags only to have that water infiltrate past them. There are ways to make that less likely to happen and make the barriers better. Paul Edmonds from Red Dragon Consulting takes us through it.

Remember what it was like trying to stay abreast of the changing threats over the last few years? Do you listen to the radio? Which website has the most up-to-date information? Are there public postings for those who aren’t on the web? Where? How do you know?
Well the Regional District has take a step forward in keeping you informed about threats as they happen. They’ve brought out an App (Voyent Alert) for phones and tablets that will get Push notifications about threats as they unfold. Push means you don’t have to make the App visit the website – it gets a notification all by itself. So if there’s a wildfire coming to where you are right now. or a flood, the App will let you know. It runs on both Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android systems.
Listen to RDKB’s Interim Emergency Program Manager Mark Stephens explain more.

What if you’ve gone out into the wilderness hiking, biking, snowmobiling, or hunting and something happens and you need help. What are you going to do?
Did you bring a GPS? Good – You know where you are.
But how do you get that information to Help?
Do you have a Satellite phone? No? How about a Two-Way radio? One that works in the mountains . . .
Or as you lie there with your broken leg / burst appendix / cuts and scrapes will you be wondering how long your body will be there before its found?
It doesn’t have to be that way or have that bad an outlook if you have an In-Reach device . . . with one of those rescuers can know exactly where you are and you can let them know what is wrong so they bring the right supplies to help you. Listen to Scott Lamont from Grand Forks Search and Rescue explain.

Politicians from various levels of government (not the feds) were present. Local city councillors were serving up pancake breakfast with the Elks on Saturday. Other were there to talk about what has happened, is happening and will take place in the future. Mayor Taylor, RDKB Chair Roly Russell and Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness Jennifer Rice spoke.

City Council Meetings Dec 10, 2018

City Council had a very long day Dec 10.

The Committee of the Whole started at  9AM and ended after 2PM. This in spite of one of the four delegations not appearing. Two of the delegations were organizations (Museum and Art Gallery) that receive funding from the city and give quarterly updates.

The gallery was full for most of the meeting.

The Regular meeting at 7PM took less time than the morning meeting.

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RDKB Updates

Days have gone by and this site has not been updated – my apologies for that.

In the intervening time a number of updates have been issued by the Regional District.

Those residents impacted by Boundary flood won’t pay tipping fees
Given the extraordinary circumstances and wide-spread flooding damages to individuals, families and small businesses as a result of the recent flooding in the Boundary region, the Province of BC will cover tipping fees related to disposal of flood damaged materials.

RDKB rescinds majority of evacuation alerts across the Boundary
Threats from further flooding have diminished throughout the Boundary, and the RDKB Emergency Operation Centre has rescinded evacuation alerts for Electoral Areas C, D, and E, including Christina Lake, Grand Forks, and Midway on May 26. There are still 9 addresses on evacuation order for properties where there is still a threat to life safety.

The States of Local Emergency declared for Electoral Areas C and D, and the City of Grand Forks will be cancelled as of 4:00pm, May 28th.
The States of Local Emergency declared for Electoral Areas C and D, and the City of Grand Forks will be cancelled as of 4:00pm this afternoon. They will be immediately replaced by States of Local Emergency for Electoral Area D and the City of Grand Forks specific to 9 properties which are still at high risk as a result of the floods over the past few weeks.

Flood Waste Local Pickup Announced
The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has secured an agreement with the Province of BC for funding of post-flood recovery efforts in the Boundary region.

The RDKB has committed local contractors to conduct curbside flood waste pickup which will begin later this week.  Curbside pickup will be available in flood-affected areas, and limited to flood damaged materials.

Flood Event Leads to Significant Mosquito Numbers
The annual mosquito control program within Electoral Area C (Christina Lake), Area D (Rural Grand Forks), and the City of Grand Forks has been underway for several weeks.

As a result of the flooding event, mosquitos are more apparent than most years.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has engaged Morrow Bioscience as the contractor for mosquito control for the Grand Forks and Christina Lake areas. They have been actively working on control measures since before the flood, and have targeted flooded areas where there is, or was, standing water following the flood event.

Spraying is not effective for adult mosquitos, so most control measures focus on breeding grounds where eggs are laid. Morrow has been targeting these areas both by air and ground.

Flood damaged debris tipping fee reimbursements available
Given the extraordinary circumstances and wide-spread flooding damages to individuals, families and small businesses as a result of the recent flooding in Grand Forks, the Province of BC is covering tipping fees related to disposal of flood damaged materials.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary recognizes that some residents affected by flooding paid tipping fees at landfills before the provincial program was brought into effect on May 25.

The RDKB has now developed a reimbursement program for those residents who retained original receipts from tipping fees for flood damaged debris.

As you can see from the above list a number of things have happened in this period of transition from emergency to recovery. Once again, my apology for not giving regular updates through this site. (I have been a bit busy with recovery things aside from this site, like a lot of people)

Boundary Flood Resilience Centre to open May 26

News Release
Grand Forks, BC
May 24, 2018
5:45 PM PT

Boundary Flood Resilience Centre to open May 26

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is launching its Boundary Flood Resilience Centre to help all victims of the 2018 catastrophic floods in the Boundary region.

The Resilience Centre will open at the Grand Forks Curling Rink on Saturday, May 26th at 9:00a.m. The Red Cross and EOC will mark the opening with a community pancake breakfast at the Curling Rink starting at 8:00 a.m.

“We are just now beginning the recovery process in our communities across the Boundary region. The RDKB is developing a recovery plan that will address flood recovery holistically, including built infrastructure as well as the more complex environmental, social and economic impacts of this disaster,” said Roly Russell, RDKB board chair.

The RDKB has assembled more than twenty different agencies under one roof to answer flood victims’ questions and provide assistance on a range of important topics including Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA), psycho-social support services, possession recovery, water testing, flood clean-up, waste disposal, home insurance and electrical safety.

The centre is intended to be a focal point for the community where impacted residents can connect with all those services and agencies they need to help them in the complex recovery process over the coming months and year.

“We are a strong community and we are a resilient community. We will come together and recover,” said Grand Forks Mayor Frank Konrad.

Representatives from the Red Cross will continue to support people in the community as they have in the Reception Centre they staffed for the duration of the flood emergency. Provincial representatives from DFA will be available to help residents fill out applications for assistance and other community representatives will be on site to direct flood victims to sources of additional funding . Water sampling kits for those on private water systems are also stocked on site.

“In many ways, fixing the buildings is the easy part of this recovery process. It will take a lot of work and the support of community and mental health resources to address the impacts we can’t see – the emotional, social and psychological well-being of all of us,” said Russel

The contact for the Emergency Operations Centre is 1-888-747-9119.

For more information:

Frances Maika,
EOC Public Information Officer, RDKB
250-231-3172 (cell)