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City Council Meetings of April 8, 2019

Council had a number of meetings this Monday – you get to see two of them.

In these meetings they discussed a number of things – the library building, the seniors society case for taking up residence in the library basement, tax rates for the coming year, the Lewis woodpecker, the snow removal plan, parks access. and the 5 year financial plan – it was a busy day.

Here are the links to see the agenda for today’s Committee Of The Whole meeting: in PDF form or as a web page.

And the links for the Regular evening meeting in PDF form and as a web page.

Grand Forks Seniors Society Business case regarding use of the Public Library basement Grand Forks Public Library Structure and Feasibility Study Lewis Woodpecker Management Plan Snow Clearing Policy Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2058 - 2019 Tax Rates Bylaw 2039-A5 - Proposed Subdivision, Rezoning and Consolidation of approx. 0.5 hectares for parking lot expansion at Hutton School
ADOPTION OF AGENDA REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB Report District of Kitimat - Letter of request for local governments to support C.O.R.E.Y. a graduated licensing program for motorcycles Bylaw 2055 - Five Year Financial Plan 2019-2023 Bylaw 2057 - Parks and Public Spaces Access Bylaw 2039-A5 - Proposed Subdivision, Rezoning and Consolidation of approx. 0.5 hectares for parking lot expansion at Hutton School

Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Salmo-Creston


On the 29 August 2014 at 4 p.m. the West Kootenay Traffic Services and Salmo RCMP attended a single motorcycle crash 4 km. west of the top of the Salmo Creston. A 57 year old Alberta male was travelling west bound on Highway 3 proceeding into a gradual left hand curve when he drove onto the gravel shoulder and then into the ditch area. The driver lost control of his bike at this point and was ejected from the motorcycle. He was pronounced deceased at the scene.
Alcohol and speed are not a factor in this crash.
The BC Coroner and West Kootenay Traffic Services are investigating this tragic crash.

Beaverdell Man Dead In Motorcycle Accident on Hwy 33


On the 21 July 2014 at 6:33 p.m. the Midway RCMP Detachment and West Kootenay Traffic Services responded to a report of a single motorcycle crash on Highway 33, south of Beaverdale Beaverdell.

On attendance investigation revealed a lone occupant driving an uninsured Harley Davidson had lost control of the motorcycle and went onto the shoulder of the roadway and was ejected.

On police attendance, the driver, a 56 year old Beaverdale Beaverdell male was pronounced deceased.

Possible casual factors for this crash is speed, alcohol, no helmet.

The BC Coroner Service and West Kootenay Traffic Services are continuing to investigate this crash.

Biker Killed in Highway Collision East of New Denver

The Slocan Detachment and the West Kootenay Traffic Services attended a two vehicle motor vehicle fatal collision on Hwy 31A approximately 10 kilometers East of New Denver.

A lone motorcycle rider while in a curve encroached into an oncoming lane and collided with a pickup truck.

A 50 year old male from Alberta was pronounced deceased at the scene.

At this time the name is being withheld by the BC Coroners Service until next of kin is notified.

Alcohol is not a factor in this crash.

This is the time for the roads to be busy with all traffic, especially motorcycles and would caution all drivers to slow down, be attentive so they will arrive at their destination safely.


It’s the hot summer and those with motorcycles want to be out there enjoying the roads. We have great drives here in BC … BUT … these are public roads and that means there will be others out there as well. In cars and trucks and RVs and campers. And they cannot react as fast as they might have to if they see a bike coming around the bend cutting into their lane … be careful, drive defensively.

For those who might ask: What was he thinking? Why was he driving like that?
This is the road he was on. The video is sped up to 600% of normal driving speed … you might just get a feel for the kind of drive it is.