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Integrated Watershed Service Explanation Plus Q&A

On Friday Sept 28, 2018 a presentation was made on the proposed Boundary Integrated Watershed Management Service Proposal which comes up for referendum voting next month. This presentation was at Christina Lake Рthere will be another in Grand Forks in the coming week, on Thursday Oct 4 at 5PM at GFSS before the Mayoral Debate.

Along with the recording we have some of the handouts in PDF form as well.

First a FAQ for the proposed Boundary Integrated Watershed Service

next a copy of the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan

And finally the presentation

Thanks to Thomas Reichelt for the ride and taking a hand at the camera.


City Council Nov 28 2016

This council meeting looked like it would be a short one by the agenda . . . there were no bylaws, few recommendations from staff and mostly it was information items. But looks can be deceiving.

For a hint of the complexities of different levels of government interacting with each other listen to the discussion arising in the RDKB report. For a taste of the costs listen to the description of the process around dismantling the homeless camp.

You can watch the whole meeting from beginning to end or whichever parts you want below the pie chart graphic. BUT if you want to see a particular part you can click on that slice in the graphic below and the video will begin from that part in a new tab/window. The size of the pie slices relates to how much of the meeting they spent on that topic. Topics dealt with in less that 90 seconds do not appear here (though the whole meeting is in the video)



REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB REPORT Annual Community Christmas Dinner Update on Unsightly Premises City Park Campground review Wetland Nature Parks - Future Dedications overview Sustainable Community Plan Process PetroMaxx/Tim Hortons - Esso Development update infrastructure grants update update on Municipal Natural Assets Initiative update on the Priede Water Main CAO Update on the state of Asset Management in BC

Open House on Asset Management

150408_open_houseThe City of Grand Forks held and Open House Wednesday April 8, 2015. It was focused on Asset Management and held at gallery 2.

The speakers were Scott Shepherd, Christina Benty and Doug Allin. Scott is an Asset Management Consultant from Urban Systems. Christina is the former Mayor of Golden B.C. Doug is our own Chief Administrative Officer.

Also present were Councillors Thompson, Hammett and Wirischagin as well as our former Mayor Brian Taylor. (councillor Ross put in an early appearance but had a board meeting to attend) About 30 people were in the audience.

What is Asset Management? And why all the focus on this?
In its simplest terms Asset Management is dealing with your assets properly. It goes beyond purchase, disposition and disposal into areas of tracking maintenance, integrating information systems to better understand how interrelated processes affect each other and the ‘assets’ we have. Examples of Assets are the equipment the city owns. The property. The roads and sidewalks. The water and sewer systems. All told our town has over $130 million in assets. And with those assets come maintenance and replacement costs. A large part of Asset Management deals with ensuring that there is a system to correctly recognize costs and the effects of decisions. How do our decisions impact the costs we incur down the road? How do we make this work without raising the tax rates an inordinate amount? How do we do it so that those tax rate increases won’t just be shuffled on down the road to future generations and tax payers?

The reason for the focus is because the federal government has let the municipalities of the country know that if they do not have proper asset management plans in place they will go to the back of the line when it comes competition for grants and programs. And that can be a very long line.

All this and more were covered … you can watch and listen in below. If you just want to go to a particular speaker use the buttons in the first part of the video.