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City Council Meetings Dec 10, 2018

City Council had a very long day Dec 10.

The Committee of the Whole started at  9AM and ended after 2PM. This in spite of one of the four delegations not appearing. Two of the delegations were organizations (Museum and Art Gallery) that receive funding from the city and give quarterly updates.

The gallery was full for most of the meeting.

The Regular meeting at 7PM took less time than the morning meeting.

Gallery 2 - Quarterly Report presentation Boundary Museum - Quarterly Report presentation Community Futures Boundary - Presentation regarding 2018 Events RDKB – Aquatic Center Requisition Increase Economic Recovery Initiative - CAO and Urban Systems Question about hangar space availbility at the airport 2019 Financial Plan Workshops DVP application re parking for a proposed supportive residential housing development at 7382 - 2nd St Verbal Update on Preparations for 2019 Freshet Season Recovery Housing Plan Update Monthly Highlight Reports MINUTES Selkirk College and The University of Victoria Outreach COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Policy 805 – exception for Technology Items Solar Now Project Budget Amendment Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament Society Grand Forks Seniors Society Downtown Business Association Quarter 3 Financial Report Aquatic Center Requisition Increase FRESHET PREP FUND QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

GFI 2018 Will Not Happen

The GFI issued a statement Wednesday to announce this year’s GFI tournament is cancelled. That statement follows.
After much thoughtful consideration and discussion with stakeholders, the Grand Forks International Committee is saddened to make the difficult decision to Cancel this year’s Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament scheduled for June 26-July 2, 2018.
The impact of recent flooding has rendered business and accommodations damaged or destroyed, has depleted the necessary volunteer base required to operate the tournament, and has generally devastated the community to a point where it is impossible to move forward with this event for 2018. There is too much uncertainty in the coming few months to make commitments to travelling teams or to allow us to entertain holding any kind of successful event due to these logistical challenges facing us as a whole.
We are thankful to the City of Grand Forks and Provincial departments, the RCMP, the Canadian Armed Forces and especially all the volunteers of this great community that are working around the clock to help the City rebuild.
The City will rebound and be stronger than ever, and so will the GFI. The 37th tournament will return June 25-July 1, 2019 and we look forward to bringing you this wonderful event at that time.
Stay Strong Grand Forks!

Yours in Baseball,
Steve Boutang – Tournament Co-ordinator

For more information please contact Tournament Co-Ordinator Steve Boutang at sboutang@shaw.ca or 250-919-4754, or Janice Strukoff – Director, Grand Forks International Society 2001 at gfi.ticketsandinfo@gmail.com or 250.442.6648.

Grand Forks International

GFI-Baseball-LogoThe Grand Forks International Baseball tournament is taking place this week. Beginning on Tuesday and running until Sunday.

We’re helping broadcast the games on the world wide web and you can watch them in the playlist below. Due to technical glitches the audio in the first 7 games is so bad it’s essentially useless at best and painful at worst. This was fixed part way through game 8.
The stream broke in Game 4 so it is in two pieces. Only a minute or two was missed.

Below that we have another playlist with interviews with some of the people who make this happen.


GFI 2014

The 2014 Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament

It started Wednesday June 25th and ran to Monday June 30th and there were 25 games in all plus and exhibition game. Teams from Canada and the U.S.A. competed for prize money in one of the only Invitational tournaments around. What does that mean? It meant the teams don’t have to pay to play as they do in almost every other tournament out there.

The weather did not cooperate very well and the grounds keeping teams were kept busy keeping the rain from destroying the infield and bases. And, to their credit, a number of players lent a hand with that job instead of sitting on the bench dry. A number of games were delayed and one was called after 5 innings due to rain. It also made for some late, late nights – one night the game ended a 1:24 AM. Then next day saw the first game begin at 8AM … for some of us volunteers it was long week with little sleep. But it was worth it. The weather and the baseball improved and the last two days saw some good ball and intense moments.

The final game saw a Canadian team, the Burnaby Bulldogs, win the tournament.

You can watch ALL the games just as they were live streamed below. Enjoy!

About the streamed video: The day before the tournament began we attended the meet-and-greet for the sponsors. At that time I found out that streaming the tournament was not happening this year for various reasons. But ‘not wanting to’ was not one of them … it didn’t take long for me to find myself ‘volunteering’ my services to get that working. I brought down my gear and setup a simple broadcasting station in the bunker behind home plate. With some help (thank you again Tanya Wilson) I was able to keep the stream going and the video switching. (and meet my other commitments 😉 And that means you can watch ALL the games just as they happened, albeit from the point of view behind home plate. (sorry, no outfield or follow cams OR colour commentary – maybe next time)

For more information check out their website at grandforksbaseball.com