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City Council Sept 3, 2019

Council had a long day . . . Committee of the Whole in the morning, a Public Hearing at 6PM and an evening meeting after that.

The Committee Of The Whole Agenda is available online as an HTML page or PDF doc.

Gallery 2 Grand Forks Homeowners on the Buy Out List Procurement Policy 802 Revision v2 Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2055-A1 - 2019-2023 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw 2064 - Draft Utility Billing Bylaw QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

The Public Hearing Agenda is available online as an HTML page or PDF doc

The Council Meeting Agenda is available online
as an HTML page or as a PDF doc

minutes Council Reports Fire Department Capital and Operating Budget re-allocation Horizon North Question Period

City Council Meetings of Jan 14, 2019

Council had their first public meetings of 2019 on Jan 14. The day began with a Committee Of The Whole and ended with a Regular meeting. Both meetings had a pretty full gallery.

Interfor and Vaagen Fibre Canada Warming Centre REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION - WITH AREA D British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) – WildSafeBC Program for 2018 Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 1958-A4 - Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw 2050 - Council Remuneration and Expenses Proposed Comprehensive Development (CD-1) Zone

In the Committee Of The Whole meeting council heard from two delegations: Forest Managers from Vaagen and Interfor gave a presentation on “Forestry and Flooding”, the manager of the new Warming centre appeared to inform council on how it operates, what it provides and who the staff and clients are.
They also heard a proposal from a developer who wants to put a small / tiny house development at the north end of Boundary.

Committee Of The Whole Agenda
Download PDF or View Online
Regular Meeting Agenda
Download PDF or View Online
Addendum to agenda
Download PDF or View Online

Development and Heritage Alteration Permit Applications - New Façade Signage for Grand Forks Art Gallery 2 BC Housing - Development at 7382 2nd Street COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Fuel Tanks Replacement Budget Amendment Fire Season Deployment Re-imbursement Memo British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) – WildSafeBC Program for 2018 Economic Recovery Initiative Grand Forks Snow Pitch Tourney Bylaw 2039 – Cannabis Retail Separation Distance

Council Meetings Feb 13, 2018

Feb 13, 2018 saw two public Council Meetings

In the morning the Committee Of The Whole had a number of delegations with presentations

The highlights of this meeting were:

You can download the agenda from the button on the right or watch the meeting from the links above or the pie slices below.

At 36 minutes the Regular, evening, meeting did not run as long as the morning meeting.

The highlights of this meeting (links open to that part of the meeting just like the pie slices)

Meetings in complete form


Request to submit BikeBC Grant and investigate plowing across Nursery Trestle 2017 Year-End Summary as per Fee for Service Agreement - The Boundary Museum Society Quarterly Update - Grand Forks Art Gallery Society Revision of Policy 1603 – Risk Management City Electrical Cannabis Legalization Critical Path Monthly Highlight Reports QUESTION PERIOD 


Learning Garden - Delegation RDKB Report Development Permit for contractor_s shop at 8168 Donaldson Drive FCM Municipal Asset Management Program grant application Third Reading of OCP Bylaw Amendment and Zoning Bylaw replace and repeal

Council Meetings Jan 30, 2017

City Council had a full day Jan 30.
They had Committee Of The Whole in the morning, budget sessions in the afternoon and a regular council meeting in the evening.
We have the council meetings for your viewing here. (sorry no budget session)

Notes for first time visitors:
The slices in the pie charts are actually buttons. Click on one and a new window opens. In that window you will be able to watch the meeting starting from the point where that topic begins.
At the end you will see the two meetings – you can watch them from the beginning here. Or skip to where ever you want of course – most people find the pie slice buttons an easier place to start.

First up is the Committee Of The Whole meeting.

Next is the Regular Meeting.

The two meetings:


Grand Forks Art Gallery Society Presentation of quarterly financial report Grand Forks and District Fall Fair Request to consider supporting the Grand Forks and District Fall Fair by providing items and services listed on their Request Form The Grand Forks Downtown Business Association Request for funding for a heritage project for the downtown business core to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday Memorandum regarding the Official Community Plan Theme 2 update Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers QUESTION PERIOD REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Event Support - Music in the Park Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Fee for Service Request University of BC-Okanagan (UBCO) Healthcare Travelling Roadshow on Monday, May 1st, 2017, at the Grand Forks Secondary School Koochin, Jack re Idling Bylaw and Noise Bylaw Amending Application ofthe Canada 150 Grant on behalf of the Downtown Business Association Questions From Public and Media