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All Candidates Forums Oct 2 and Oct 4, 2018

It’s Election season and that means there is active campaigning going on.

If you know the candidates by sight you can approach them in public situations and ask them questions. But when you do that only you, the candidate and anyone within earshot hears your dialogue. The public forum idea is that all the candidates show up in the same place, at the same time along with anyone from the public who wants to know more about them – or ask them questions.

In previous years I’ve recorded them for later viewing purposes. This year I did that as well but also Live Streamed them to Facebook.

Not everyone is on Facebook. OR the web. So they will also be broadcast on Shaw Cable TV. (I’m not sure how I’d go about getting them onto Telus and if I did I’m not sure which channel they would appear on)

Below you will see the two forums for candidates wanting to be on council. First is the forum for Council candidates and next is the forum for Mayoral candidates.

If you tried watching the live stream of the Mayoral forum you would have heard the audio problems in the first 10 minutes – I apologize for that – we were trying to tap directly into the PA system to get the microphone feed directly to give you ‘better’ sound. That ended up not working out at all. The version you will find below has good sound.

The Candidates for Council.

The Mayoral Candidates Forum

NOTE: The Mayoral Forum did NOT have provision for questions from the floor. This prompted one member of the audience to get very vocal in his objection.


All Candidates Forum May 1 2017

May 1, 2017 saw the All Candidate Forum come to Grand Forks. Well 3/4 of it anyway – the Green Party candidate was a no-show.

Over 160 people joined the candidates in the Grand Forks Secondary School auditorium.
There was no shortage of people with questions for those who would govern.

You can watch the entire event below.
Note: If you watch it on YouTube there is a list of links in the description that let you jump to specific points in the event. At this time the questions are numbered (time and circumstance dictate getting it out in this abbreviated form) – as time permits we’ll change that to the topics of the questions.

All Candidates Forum May 17 2016

On Tuesday evening at GFSS The Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce held an All Candidates Forum for the upcoming by-election of May 28th.

With the exception of Mr. O’Doherty, who was absent due to a death in the family, all the other 6 candidates appeared. Mr. Michael Strukoff was host for the evening with Kathy Wright, of BCRCC, officiating as timekeeper.

Between 60 and 70 people were in the audience (just my guesstimate). It appeared most of city council was there with two of them getting up to ask questions.

As with previous forums each candidate gave opening remarks followed by a question period and then each candidate gave their closing remarks. Order was by random draw. The media got to ask questions before and after questions from the floor.

If you choose to watch this on YouTube you can jump right into selected parts by clicking on one of the links in the description. To do that just click on the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the video.


All Candidates Forum Round 2 – RDKB Area ‘D’ and Mayor of Grand Forks

On Wednesday Nov 5, 2014 Round 2 of the 2014 All Candidates Forum took place at GFSS. The format for both is the same: Opening remarks, Questions from the media, Questions from the public, Closing remarks.

Part 1 of this round saw the 3 candidates for RDKB Area ‘D’ Director facing the well over a hundred people in a public forum.¬†Irene Perepolkin is running for another term against¬†Roly Russell who has been actually doing the job for well over a year while she recovered from a stroke. Also running is Bob Kendel who has served a term as councilor with the City of Grand Forks.

2014 Regional District All Candidates Forum

Part 2 was the candidates for Mayor. The incumbent, Brian Taylor, is running for his 4th term (it would be his 3rd consecutive if elected). One of his councilors, Cher Wyers, is running against him. Newcomers Donna Semenoff, Frank Konrad, and Peter Demski are also vying for the position.

2014 Mayoral Candidate Forum

NOTE: The videos above are ‘produced’ which means they have better quality, and camera angles, than the live webcast. You can compare that if you want to – the live webcast appears below.