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Building Dams Downtown

Part of the flood mitigation effort involves bringing in Bladder Dams. Basically these are long plastic tubes filled with water that act as barriers to the flood waters.

The deployment was along 1st (excuse me – Riverside) up to 72nd and then up 72nd to around 4th.

This didn’t sit well with the owner of the Hardware Store – understandably so because that put her store on the wrong side of the dam. People asked why the couldn’t be deployed along the lane way behind the store?

There is a simple reason and you’ll see it in the video below. The tubes need to be anchored or the flood water will simply roll or push them back and they’ll become fouled on obstacles, tear and fail. So they are anchored via straps that are held in place by large screws that can be drilled into asphalt but not so easily into concrete.

I took some video the the deployment. These fill them in sections and you get to see one section being filled and inflated.

Flood Info Now Has Evacuation Alert for Manly Meadows

It’s the 12th of May and this weekend is when the next expected high water levels should happen. The RDKB.com site’s front page flood info has been expanded and now contains

The updated May 12 forecast shows newer, lower, numbers for this weekend. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.

The projected averages for Saturday and Sunday have gone down quite a bit from the 9th to the 12th.

On the 9th some values were in the 100 year range but now the worst are in the 10 year range.

These are still forecasts so do not take these values as what will happen and turn your back on the river – be vigilant, be prepared.

The Evacuation Alert

Download (PDF, 294KB)

Forecast Update Washes Away Worst Fears

In the forecast from May 9 the guesstimates for Sat/Sun had 100 year flood levels.

In the May 10 forecast these figures have changed downward into the 20 year levels. Of course these are merely forecasts and should not keep you from taking all precautions – the forecast on the 11th might resurrect those fears.

RDKB.com has links to more data. This forecast is from http://bcrfc.env.gov.bc.ca/freshet/clever/08NN002.PDF
Real time data can be found at http://wateroffice.ec.gc.ca/report/real_time_e.html?stn=08NN002

forecast changes

The May 11 forecast shows changes, back upwards to some degree but still not as dire as the May 9th forecast. See the numbers in the graphic on the right.

The thing to keep in mind is these are best  guesstimates and as time and conditions change so will the forecasts. Also, forecasts are always more accurate the closer in time to the forecast date; conversely the further in the future the forecast the less likely it will reflect reality. The graphic below shows a more full picture of these forecast changes.


More Flooding To Come

It’s May 10 and the forecast is for flooding to happen again this coming weekend. And the prediction is that this next bout of flooding, beginning Thursday, will be more severe that last week’s event.

The Regional District site contained two information bulletins yesterday, those appear below. They are also putting up INFORMATION BOARDS at the Rock Creek Petrocan and at the Post Office in Grand Forks. The information boards will contain important information on flooding and will be updated daily.

A picture of the board from noon of the 10th is available for viewing here. (click on pic below)

You will be able to read the details and find out which ares are inside the flood plain and which are not. Also what levels will affect which areas within. The info graphic on the right shows predictions. Click on it to see a larger version.

Download (PDF, 60KB)

The second is especially for livestock owners:

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Updated to show Information board outside post office