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City Council Feb 11, 2019

Feb 11 was a very busy day for City Council.
They had 5 meetings that day.
Committee Of The Whole began at 9AM.
That was followed by an in-camera meeting.
In the afternoon they had a Budget Planning session.
At 6PM there was a Public Hearing.
And at 7PM they had the regular meeting of council.

The pie charts are for the committee of the whole and the regular meeting. All the meetings (except the in-camera one) are watchable below in the order in which they happened.

The agendas for all of these meetings are as follows:

Grand Forks and District Fall Fair Society Petition - Concerns regarding the BC Housing 2nd Street and Central Housing project Remuneration Review Development Permit No. DP1905 Proposed 52 Unit Multi-Family Development on the 0.925 Hectare (2.29 Acre) Parcel at 6895-19th Street Development Permit No. DP1903 Proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence at 426 Central Ave. Discussion on Cannabis Businesses Comments on multi-unit development at end of Boundary Drive Monthly Highlight Reports Councillor Thompson_s Report - AKBLG proposed resolution Councillor Moslin_s Report - AKBLG proposed resolution QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC
COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT RDKB Bylaw 1698 - Economic Development Service RDKB Bylaw 1699 - Boundary Economic Development Service Amendment Early Budget Approval - Information Technology Early Budget Approval for time sensitive Capital Projects Development Permit No. DP1903 Proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence at 426 Central Ave Development Permit No. DP1905 Proposed 52 Unit Multi-Family Development on the 0.925 Hectare (2.29 Acre) Parcel at 6895-19th Street Memo 2019 - Engineer of Record Development Permit No. DP1905 Proposed 52 Unit Multi-Family Development revisited Request to Initiate procurement for East Downtown Flood Protection QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

My apologies to the viewers of the Regular meeting live stream for having the wrong meeting title block (top of screen) on screen. The video below has that corrected.

City Council Meeting Aug 21, 2017

There were supposed to be two meetings on Aug 21 but the Committee Of The Whole meeting was cancelled.

The ‘regular’ meeting was in the evening though it wasn’t ‘regular’ in a few senses.

On days where there are a COTW meeting in the morning and a regular meeting in the evening what usually takes place is delegations appear at the COTW where open discussion happens. Then if any actual decisions need to be made that fall into actions by council those happen during the evening meeting. It’s not always that way but often that gives topics brought by the delegations a broader scope with members of the public being able to participate in the discussion.

This evening meeting had two delegations slated to appear and neither showed up. Why I cannot say but it left council to discuss and deliberate based on the documentation submitted to it. One was the Fall Fair and the other the Herbivore Cannabis dispensary.

The other aspect of the meeting that wasn’t ‘regular’ was the participation of 3 council members by conference telephone call. Councilors Butler, Hammett and Ross appeared in voice only. So while all 7 were discussing and voting only 4 were physically present in the chamber. This is the first time I can recall where more than one council member was a ‘phone in’.

The regular meeting agenda is not the only supporting document to go with this meeting.

There is another PDF file as well, a Late Item regarding an extra $150,000 to be added to the budget for work on 22nd Street.

The meeting is below. To jump to any part just click on the pie slice for that portion and the meeting video will open in a new tab at that point in the meeting.


Delegation - Fall Fair Hearing - Business Licence for Herbivore Cannabis Inc Council Reports 72nd Sidewalk Design Options Quarter 2 Financial Report Monthly Highlight Reports Budget addon of 150,000 to 22nd St multi-utility project Questions From Public and Media

Council Meetings Jan 30, 2017

City Council had a full day Jan 30.
They had Committee Of The Whole in the morning, budget sessions in the afternoon and a regular council meeting in the evening.
We have the council meetings for your viewing here. (sorry no budget session)

Notes for first time visitors:
The slices in the pie charts are actually buttons. Click on one and a new window opens. In that window you will be able to watch the meeting starting from the point where that topic begins.
At the end you will see the two meetings – you can watch them from the beginning here. Or skip to where ever you want of course – most people find the pie slice buttons an easier place to start.

First up is the Committee Of The Whole meeting.

Next is the Regular Meeting.

The two meetings:


Grand Forks Art Gallery Society Presentation of quarterly financial report Grand Forks and District Fall Fair Request to consider supporting the Grand Forks and District Fall Fair by providing items and services listed on their Request Form The Grand Forks Downtown Business Association Request for funding for a heritage project for the downtown business core to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday Memorandum regarding the Official Community Plan Theme 2 update Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers QUESTION PERIOD REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Event Support - Music in the Park Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Fee for Service Request University of BC-Okanagan (UBCO) Healthcare Travelling Roadshow on Monday, May 1st, 2017, at the Grand Forks Secondary School Koochin, Jack re Idling Bylaw and Noise Bylaw Amending Application ofthe Canada 150 Grant on behalf of the Downtown Business Association Questions From Public and Media

Grand Forks and District Fall Fair 2014

Well the Fall Fair has come and gone once again.

This was a good thing – it almost didn’t happen. In fact due to initial low volunteer response it wouldn’t have happened but the River Valley Community Church congregation stepped up and thanks to them the decision was to go ahead with it again this year. So Thank You to Jason and Kelly McIver, The volunteers of the Fall Fair, the Fall Fair Society and especially the volunteers from the River Valley Community Church.

You can see the videos we produced for it and about it below followed by some commentary. This is a playlist with 6 videos in it …

Each year it appears to shrink a little more and catch a few more gripes. This has been happening each year in the decade I’ve been here.

This year it was in the 3rd weekend of August this year which left some wondering if it should still be called a Fall Fair …

The number visitors on Saturday night was not as large as many would like. Why?

Some said it was because the Fly-In was on the same weekend and had sucked some of the potential visitors away for a free movie under the stars.

Some wondered if the weather had something to do with it? (It had rained every day but Saturday and maybe some felt it would be a rainy evening – who knows)

Some griped about promotion, or the lack of it. They put up posters here in Grand Forks and Greenwood and, I’d assume, in Christina Lake and parts further as well.

Some of us wonder if this is part of a larger ongoing problem with society in general. When the Fall Fair first happened the world was a very different place. No Internet, Cable TV, Radio. A lot more agriculture going on locally. The fair was one of those things where the community at large could come together and have a shared experience and show off their wares and creations. Things like this are community building exercises.

Nowadays if you want to put on something that draws people you have be crafty and lucky because your competition has millions of dollars and lots of talent. From Facebook to YouTube. Netflix, Hulu, Crackle – all places to watch professionally made movies and television online. Or ‘old-fashioned’ Cable TV with hundreds of channels and TV On-Demand. And then there are those who pursue gaming online … to some out there a fall fair might seem kind of boring and amateurish in comparison to all these other choices.

This is a symptom of a larger set of changes to how we define community and communication. A lot of things like the Fall Fair rely on volunteers. Volunteer time and effort. The more closely a person feels part of a community the more likely they will be to consider helping out by giving of their time and skills. Conversely, the less connected one feels to their local geographic space the less they will feel the community they are part of resides where they happen to live. More and more people spend larger amounts of time online in social networking and gaming communities. They not only do they spend more time there but they invest more of themselves in it. One result is increasingly their social needs get satisfied online as well.

Think of it this way: The Fall Fair used to be one of their best friends but the the Web came along and now they have a new best friend.

That goes for many of the volunteer organizations around here as well. Volunteers might be drying up because their sense of community is changing.