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City Council Feb 26, 2018

City Council had one meeting on Feb 26.
Councilors Krog and Ross were absent.

Looking at the agenda It didn’t appear it was going to be controversial . . . but once again the Downtown Business Association appeared as a topic of conversation, during the council reports, and the sparks flew.

The highlights of the agenda (each link opens a new tab with the council video beginning at that part of the meeting)

The meeting

REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Highway Signage and Entry Way Solar Now Project Budget Revision of Policy 1603 – Risk Management City Electrical Cannabis Legalization Critical Path Tap and Tapas and Wine Tasting 2018 - Gallery 2 Request for use of City CRA Number for grant toward Heritage Sign - DBA Questions From Public and Media

City Council Special Meeting May 29, 2017

In the afternoon City Council met with representatives from the Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Board election held at the recent Annual General Meeting of the BCRCC. The Mayor, and some on Council, wanted some assurance that they weren’t giving taxpayer money to an organization that doesn’t follow its own rules.

The meeting followed a rather long and torturous path of discovery during which it appeared that the Bylaws the city was expecting they should have followed weren’t theirs at all. They might have been those from the previous Grand Forks Chamber. The city had looked on the Federal records but BCRCC board / executive people both current and previous mentioned they were following Provincial rules. At times it almost seemed like they were talking about different things. And at one point it strayed off into personal things and relationships and got a bit heated.

While I’d love to be able to explain it all in a clear and concise manner that isn’t really possible – as you will learn if you sit and listen to all 2 hours of the discussion.

Unlike other council meetings there is no pie – there was only one topic of discussion.

The City’s agenda can be found in the link to their website.
The BCRCC came with an information package which you can read below the video.
Enjoy – or not.


Download (PDF, 1.44MB)