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New 3D Floor at Christina Lake Welcome Centre

If you’ve been to the Welcome Centre at the Lake you can’t have missed the floor. The 3D floor that entices visitors to stand in just the right place with their camera to catch their friends and family appearing in a 3D landscape that apparently pops out of the 2D floor.

Well they have replaced that floor with a new 3D floor. This new floor covers a larger area and extends up onto the wall. The official reveal was early in the evening of Dec 10th, 2018.

The artwork is done in the style called Trompe l’oeil which means the triumph of the oil’s deception over the eye. Most widely used to ‘open up’ architectural spaces it can also be employed in 3D illusion as is done here.

The artist is Tyler Toews who does mural installations professionally through his website canadianmurals.com. The previous floor was also done by him.

Before all the people showed up for the official reveal Tyler took Director Grace McGregor on a guided tour of his creation. You can watch that below.

The official reveal took place shortly afterward. Quite a few people showed up to listen and watch the ribbon cutting.

Christina Lake Stewardship Society Annual Watershed Management Plan Review 2013

CLWMP-2013In December 2013 the Christina Lake Stewardship Society held their annual review of their Watershed Management Plan. This brought together local people and managers of the various programs involved in being proper stewards of the watershed within which Christina Lake finds itself.

Management of the watershed entails more than ‘water’. BC Timber Sales had a rep there to explain their plans for local operations and to answer questions. The Ministry of Environment appeared twice: Once for a Water Quality Report and again for a report on Invasive Species Regulations. Invasive Species is a big thing in this whole scheme – it appears three times: Provincial, Area (Boundary) and Local. Locally they’re monitoring to try and keep the Zebra and Quagga Mussels out so they do not become a problem on the scale of Millfoil.

This happened over a day of presentations and Question and Answer sessions.

You can watch the proceedings below.