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City Council Special Meeting May 29, 2017

In the afternoon City Council met with representatives from the Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Board election held at the recent Annual General Meeting of the BCRCC. The Mayor, and some on Council, wanted some assurance that they weren’t giving taxpayer money to an organization that doesn’t follow its own rules.

The meeting followed a rather long and torturous path of discovery during which it appeared that the Bylaws the city was expecting they should have followed weren’t theirs at all. They might have been those from the previous Grand Forks Chamber. The city had looked on the Federal records but BCRCC board / executive people both current and previous mentioned they were following Provincial rules. At times it almost seemed like they were talking about different things. And at one point it strayed off into personal things and relationships and got a bit heated.

While I’d love to be able to explain it all in a clear and concise manner that isn’t really possible – as you will learn if you sit and listen to all 2 hours of the discussion.

Unlike other council meetings there is no pie – there was only one topic of discussion.

The City’s agenda can be found in the link to their website.
The BCRCC came with an information package which you can read below the video.
Enjoy – or not.


Download (PDF, 1.44MB)

Council Meetings of May 15, 2017

Some may have wondered if council had turned over a new leaf considering the brevity of the last few meetings. May 15th has shown they haven’t.

The Committee Of The Whole meeting was the longest I’ve attended and, at 5 hours, likely the longest so far. The reasons for this can be found in the discussions flowing from the delegations and topics: water rates, money, marijuana and recording inCamera meetings.

At one point emotions ran so high that two councilors left the room leaving only the Mayor and two other councilors in the chamber – not enough for a quorum.

The Regular Meeting
The main part of the meeting went relatively smoothly. It was the Late Items that carried the heated discussions from the COTW into the evening meeting. On of the main results of this is: The funding that the city provides to the Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce has been put in abeyance. For a non-profit with a new board and a large part of its remit to support tourism this is extra bad timing: tourism season is about to commence and they have to hire a new Executive Director. All with a gap in funding.

The meeting videos in their entirety

Committee Of The Whole

The Regular meeting


Adopt Agenda COPA - Update on the Snowbirds Air Show Faith Community Emergency Preparedness Team Boundary Womens Coalition Downtown Business Association Water Rates Information Report from Urban Systems memorandum from the Manager of Operations regarding the City events breakdown Downtown Heritage Signs Project Starting Citizen Satisfaction Survey Update Smithplan Consulting Inc. presentation on the marijuana report Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers Notice of Motion (Tripp) on electronically recording all In-Camera meetings QUESTION PERIOD IN-CAMERA RESOLUTION Adopt Agenda RDKB REPORT Development Variance Permit - 6408-5th St. Development Variance Permit Habitat for Humanity 803/813 72nd Ave Report on costs and benefits regarding Habitat for Humanity request for fee relief Quarterly Crime Statistics for January, February, and March 'Six Ways to End Homelessness in BC' from The Tyee Solar Now - Renewable Solar Energy Projects in Community Motion to Hold funding of BCRCC in Abeyance Motion by Tripp regarding recording of InCamera meetings Questions From Public and Media

Council Meetings Jan 30, 2017

City Council had a full day Jan 30.
They had Committee Of The Whole in the morning, budget sessions in the afternoon and a regular council meeting in the evening.
We have the council meetings for your viewing here. (sorry no budget session)

Notes for first time visitors:
The slices in the pie charts are actually buttons. Click on one and a new window opens. In that window you will be able to watch the meeting starting from the point where that topic begins.
At the end you will see the two meetings – you can watch them from the beginning here. Or skip to where ever you want of course – most people find the pie slice buttons an easier place to start.

First up is the Committee Of The Whole meeting.

Next is the Regular Meeting.

The two meetings:


Grand Forks Art Gallery Society Presentation of quarterly financial report Grand Forks and District Fall Fair Request to consider supporting the Grand Forks and District Fall Fair by providing items and services listed on their Request Form The Grand Forks Downtown Business Association Request for funding for a heritage project for the downtown business core to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday Memorandum regarding the Official Community Plan Theme 2 update Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers QUESTION PERIOD REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Event Support - Music in the Park Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Fee for Service Request University of BC-Okanagan (UBCO) Healthcare Travelling Roadshow on Monday, May 1st, 2017, at the Grand Forks Secondary School Koochin, Jack re Idling Bylaw and Noise Bylaw Amending Application ofthe Canada 150 Grant on behalf of the Downtown Business Association Questions From Public and Media