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Founders Day 2018

Greenwood is celebrating Founders Day on July 14 and 15 this year.

Admission is by Donation with the money shared between Founders Day and the Greenwood Food Bank so please be generous.

The line-up for who is appearing / what is happening on the stage:

All the vendor spots appeared to be full at the beginning of Saturday. You can see or yourself in the VR Walk through I did early in the morning. Once the video begins you can change the direction you are looking in by dragging around your mouseĀ  finger in the video.

This year’s parade went off smoothly with no stalls or waits. The weather was accommodating and the onlookers appreciative.

the area’s MP Richard Cannings was present (he even rode a bike in the parade) as was Local MLA Linda Larsen. The Pipe band began the day’s official kick off festivities. While I don’t have the speechifying I did capture the band proceeding to the stage. When the video begins the band is behind you so you will have to ‘turn around’ to see them . . .

For more information and a full list of who is appearing visit their website www.foundersday.ca or their Facebook page.


Spring Fling Returns

Back in 2012 the Pipers in Grand Forks hosted a Spring Fling. That saw 9 other Bagpipe bands come to town for a competition – and fun.

Well they’re doing it again in 2018.

I bumped into Steve McGibbon last week and got the skinny on the event.

If you’re curious and want to see more here is a play list of the 2012 Spring Fling