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Trail RCMP monitor Unsanctioned Bush Party ‘Stag Night’

What follows is compiled from a couple of RCMP media releases. It shows how they dealt with an event from before it happened to after. (emphasis added by me)

On May 28, 2019, the Trail and Greater District Detachment RCMP were made aware that an unsanctioned Grade 11 and 12 known as “Stag Night” will be taking place tonight in the Pend’Oreille near the Seven Mile Dam, in Trail, BC. 

During this event, there will be the consumption of alcohol by minors and “hazing” of the younger people attending this party. The “hazing” consists of paddling younger students (Grade 11 and below) with wooden paddles. 

The RCMP will be setting up an inspection check point on Seven Mile Dam Road with the intention of inspecting all vehicles attending this bush party under the authority of the Liquor Licencing and Control Act. The RCMP will be seizing alcohol in possession of minors and that will believed to be consumed by minors. This may include seizing excess liquor from adults attending the party if it is believed that it will be consumed by youth.  Any wooden paddles may be seized as a weapon due to their purpose to assault other students.

The RCMP want to ensure the event is a safe event and good time for all in attendance.  The RCMP would like to remind those of the recent tragedy early this year in this area in which two youth died in a motor vehicle accident on Seven Mile Dam Road.  The RCMP asked everyone to use good judgment during this event.  The BC Liquor Inspector has been contacted and may be in attendance to this event.

In response to an ask for clarification by media: … expand on the hazing. One cannot willingly consent to being assaulted with a weapon.  If the RCMP received a complaint from a student who was padded [sic], we will have to conduct a criminal investigation into Assault with a Weapon contrary to Section 267 of the Criminal Code.

May 29, 2019
Last night the Trail and Greater District Detachment RCMP conducted two inspection check points and checked approximately 80 vehicles.  As a result the police seized:

  • 1 bottle of 1.14 litre of hard alcohol
  • 375 ml bottles of hard alcohol x 4
  • 88 cans of alcoholic coolers/hard ice treat and lemonade type beverages.
  • 1 mini-bottle of Peach Schnapps
  • 16 beer

Warnings were provided to two drivers for driving without their “N”. The students all had dedicated sober drivers to take them to and from the site.  Each student was warned that paddling another student would be considered an offence of Assault with a Weapon contrary to Section 267 of the Criminal Code. No paddles were located during vehicles searches.  The RCMP will follow up with an education talk with the JL Crowe High School students at a future date.

RCMP Injured Apprehending Fleeing Driver

March 6, 2017, West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit

On March 6, 2017 34 year old Conan Lee TAYLOR will appear in Nelson Provincial Court in relation to several criminal charges stemming from an incident on March 4, 2017 in Nelson.
Members of the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit were conducting a project targeting drivers using their cell phones.

A police officer directed the driver of the vehicle to stop and upon asking him for his driver’s license the male fled in his vehicle. The police officer became entangled in the vehicle, was dragged a short distance before being thrown to the ground. That police officer sustained nonlife threatening injuries and was later treated at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

Police officers had obtained the license plate and attended the male’s residence where he fled from police in his vehicle again. Due to the risk to the public, the police did not continue to pursue, but observed the male driving dangerously through a residential area. The male was located a short time later parking his vehicle at a mall. Another police officer was able to successfully block his vehicle preventing him from continuing to drive.

When the police officer tried to arrest him, the male was combative, resisting attempts to take him into custody. After a brief struggle during which the second police officer was injured, the male was taken into custody. He was found to be over the criminal limit for blood alcohol and under a ten year driving prohibition related to an impaired driving fatality.

Anyone who witnessed this incident are encouraged to contact the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit at 250-354-5180.

Sgt Chad Badry
West Kootenay Traffic and Integrated Road Safety Unit
Gendarmérie Royale du Canada Services Routiere du Kootenay Ouest