Public Meeting May 15, 2018

On May 15 (Tuesday) 2018 there was a public meeting in the gymnasium at Grand Forks Secondary School. Representatives from the various agencies were there as well as the local elected politicians: RDKB Chair and Director of Area ‘D’, Roly Russell, Director Area ‘C’ Grace McGregor and Mayor of Grand Forks Frank Konrad .

Many people from the community showed up to listen and ask questions. Once the live web stream passed 100 it didn’t drop below 100. We did a post meeting summary which is on facebook and can be watched here:

We apologize for the audio – it is a gymnasium and tends to have horrible acoustics for public speaking.

During the presentation an telephone # is given out for getting in touch with the Disaster financial Assistance program. The correct number is displayed on the screen and we will repeat it here: 1-888 257-4777.

Interfor Steps Up

Yesterday Interfor announced they are committed to paying the Grand Forks hourly mill employees 40 straight time hours a week until further notice. This is effective from May 10.

For those not from here I should point out that Interfor has a lumber mill here in town and as such is one of the few high wage, large employers in town. The mill is located directly across from downtown in the Ruckle subdivision which is one of the two hardest hit parts of the city. Which means that for almost a week most of those employees were not able to work – the mill is in the evacuation area.

This should, as the press release suggest, help reduce some of the stress those employees are going through.

Thank You Interfor!