September 29, 2023

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Whats Up In Grand Forks


Whats Up In Grand Forks
(and Christina Lake)


The societal and governmental responses to the threat from COVID19 are resulting in some events being cancelled and / or postponed.
Any event where 250 or more people congregate in relatively close proximity is in this category.
Because of this not all the events promoted
in the posters you may see below will happen.

IF you have any questions about any event
the best source of information is to ask the event organizer.
Another source of information is on the
Whats Up In Grand Forks BC Facebook group (if you are a Facebook user).
There is a notice post (pinned to the beginning of the group feed)
specifically for this purpose: events being cancelled or postponed are being collected there.
Posting is voluntary so organizers may or may not get around to updating that thread (I’d imagine that a number of events aren’t all that easy to shut down so posting might slip their minds)
IF you are concerned about an event you had planned to attend check those sources to find out if it’s taking place or not. And remember that any inconvenience you may be experiencing likely pales in comparison to the way those who worked hard to put it on feel . . . so please be courteous.

Don’t agree with all the concern and hoopla causing events to be cancelled? Think the world has lost its mind because sooner or later most people will encounter it and it doesn’t scare you the way it might if you were in the 60+ age group?
I’d strongly suggest you learn more about a term you may be hearing: flattening the curve. Essentially no one wants the system to be overwhelmed all at once by a rush of cases – that would be a catastrophe. You could start by reading this article at VOX.

Poster Boards

Not every poster makes it onto the web
Not all info posted is a poster about an event
Here you can view public posting boards on the web.
All you have to do is click on the thumbnail pictures below
to see a really big picture you can zoom into
so you can read the fine print without the extra heavy download

We also provide a PDF version that you can download and view at any time.
note these are files in the range of 1 to 3 MB
IF they do not show in your web browser, use the Download button
and view in your local PDF viewer

View Online
View as PDF

Jan 27,2020

View Online
View as PDF

Nov 5,2019

View Online
View as PDF

Jan 27,2020

View Online
View as PDF

Mat 12,2020

View Online
Download PDF (2.4M)
Left (859K) or Right(970K) side

NOTE ON DOWLOAD: Viewing these in the browser may not work – if that happens simply download and view the file locally on your device.

(we’ve split the PDF into two pieces so the quality can be preserved without making you download one large file)

Mar 12, 2020

Thinking of adding a poster to the Library Poster Board? Watch this first

a short video on how to use these poster boards

a short video on how to use these poster boards

Looking for the Calendar?
After 8  years of hosting a calendar of events, meaning Les Johnson, has stopped doing that. It’s a lot of effort, and some cost, to make that work and, sad to say, almost no one uses it because most people just go to the Facebook group for their information anyway. So at some point you have to stop beating the dead horse . . .

One thing I noticed in the past is that people cannot remember every place they should be submitting information about their events. They remember to place an ad but forget to put up posters OR they put up posters but don’t have the time (or information) to notify the paper or websites like So to help ‘get the word out’ WhatsUpGF makes it possible for you to scan and read, online, the contents of public notice boards in the community. See the section at the top of the page. We’ll be updating the pictures on a weekly basis.

To see all the postings just about whats up in grand forks click on the whatsupgf category in the list on the right.

The video window below is a playlist of everything whatsupgf posted this year (most recent  first).

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    1. Sorry to take so long to reply (GFI kind of wore me out) … The parade in Grand Forks, the Canada Day festivities are in City Park. An evening showing of Godspell is on in City Park as well. If you want music there is a multi-band concert in Christina Lake. Might be fireworks as well. Record swap. Might be fireworks in Greenwood also. And apparently free hot dogs can be got in Greenwood too.

  1. The People’s Review Commission would like to invite GFTV to our Info Session on August 6th, at the Grand Forks Christian Center (behind Overwaitea) at 7 p.m.

  2. How can I make some changes to your calendar and give you upcoming concert information? Nanci

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