Whats Up In Grand Forks

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Not all info posted is a poster about an event
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Looking for the Calendar?
After 8  years of hosting a calendar of events whatsupgf.com, meaning Les Johnson, has stopped doing that. It’s a lot of effort, and some cost, to make that work and, sad to say, almost no one uses it because most people just go to the Facebook group for their information anyway. So at some point you have to stop beating the dead horse . . .

One thing I noticed in the past is that people cannot remember every place they should be submitting information about their events. They remember to place an ad but forget to put up posters OR they put up posters but don’t have the time (or information) to notify the paper or websites like whatsupgf.com. So to help ‘get the word out’ WhatsUpGF makes it possible for you to scan and read, online, the contents of public notice boards in the community. See the section at the top of the page. We’ll be updating the pictures on a weekly basis.

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6 thoughts on “Whats Up In Grand Forks

    1. gftvboss Post author

      Sorry to take so long to reply (GFI kind of wore me out) … The parade in Grand Forks, the Canada Day festivities are in City Park. An evening showing of Godspell is on in City Park as well. If you want music there is a multi-band concert in Christina Lake. Might be fireworks as well. Record swap. Might be fireworks in Greenwood also. And apparently free hot dogs can be got in Greenwood too.

  1. Bev Tripp

    The People’s Review Commission would like to invite GFTV to our Info Session on August 6th, at the Grand Forks Christian Center (behind Overwaitea) at 7 p.m.


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