December 7, 2023

Grand Forks TV

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Chamber Brings In Speakers From Revelstoke

Revelstoke brought their town out of the economic backwoods to become a thriving town with a successful local economy.
How did that happen? And can we do something similar here?
The BCRCC brought in 3 speakers who have inside info on that. Part of their visit was a talk at the GEM theatre.

This part of their visit took place at the GEM Theatre in Grand Forks, BC.
Speakers were

  • Ingrid Braun Director of Economic Development for Revelstoke
  • Gary Pendergast retired Executive Director of the Revelstoke Arts Council
  • and the former Mayor Mark McKee.

I showed up with some cameras just in case – my recording of this was not arranged beforehand and you can see and hear it in the scramble at the beginning and later when the first camera ran out of battery and the backup had to be handheld.