December 7, 2023

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

High Water 2023

preparations to protect against potential flooding underway

This year we’ve seen pretty much jump right into Summer. That’s making the rivers fill and the banks get smaller . . . and causes people to get concerned about flooding.

The downtown core should be safe – we have a brand new dike protecting it. And the industrial area of North Ruckle has a dike as well.

The city learned its lesson back in 2018 and this time they are getting proactive about putting in sandbagging stations, sandbags and Tiger Dams.

Along Riverside just north of the Hwy 3 bridge on the Granby they’ve done some sandbagging.

Along the new bank in South Ruckle they’ve laid out a Tiger Dam.

Rock Wool is getting one as well but as of the afternoon of May 4th it was still being deployed.

The water is rising and even though it was a nice day when these videos were shot – storm clouds darkened the evening sky prematurely. Hot sunshine and warm rain will do much to flush the remaining snow off the slopes and down river to us.