December 7, 2023

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Fire at Vaagen Fibre Midway

As we were returning from a road trip we passed by Vaagen Fiber’s Midway facility. A cloud of something was rising from the grounds . . . was it water vapour or something worse? The firefighting vehicle going in the opposite direction answered that question. Then we noticed the helicopter water bomber.

So we turned around and I took some pictures and video. And since we had to be somewhere else and could not sit and report I called Laurie Tritschler the reporter for the Grand Forks Gazette. I gave him the update and he said he’d be coming right out. . . . so you can likely find out more full information over at the Gazette. (here is a link)

But for now all I have for you beyond the basic information is the video below. As far as I know this fire is in an outdoor wood pile – no buildings appeared to be involved. We passed by around 6PM and fire crews were already on site and taking measures.