May 23, 2022

Grand Forks TV

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Govt Holds Public Meeting With Johnson Flats Residents

Members of local government met with residents of Johnson Flats to go over the recent high water / flooding event and discuss mitigation efforts and answer questions.

Here is the information that was sent out. The meeting video recording is below.

JOHNSON FLATS NEIGHBOURHOOD MEETING: There has been a lot of conversations around what options are available for the future of Johnson Flats for disaster risk reduction, specifically flood risks. As suggested earlier, we are hoping to have a conversation with the community

WHEN: Wednesday June 17th evening at 530pm (pending some final confirmations).

WHERE: It will be held at Carol and Len’s place–they have graciously offered to let us use their yard. Please contact (PM, text, email, call) me if you need the address.

WHO: At this point it will include any residents in Rural Grand Forks (Area ‘D’), and the City of Grand Forks who live in Johnson Flats. COVID19 adds a complication to our planning, in that we must not exceed 50 people present, including RDKB and City of Grand Forks. We’re planning to limit to 6 or 7 people representing local government, which means that we have room for about 40 residents. If we exceed these numbers, we have to disband the group and postpone the meeting. As such, we would ask that you strive to send only one person from each household, and we cannot accommodate any individuals from outside of the neighbourhood; we will ensure that each household is provided one spot. Please bring your own chair if at all possible, we will provide others, but COVID complicates that as well.

IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND: We plan to record the event to share with anyone who is unable to attend.

WHAT: We want to have an opportunity to identify issues of shared concern, and try to update everyone on items to ensure that we are in a place of common understanding. As such, here’s our agenda, although it can evolve.

1. Update on what DMAF plans are for the area.

2. Explanation of how decisions such as the temporary protective works (e.g. at the South end of JF) are made (risk assessment).

3. Discussion and collaborative conversation about what options are available for the future for the area and setting some vision to follow up at the next meeting (with more detail). This is a collaborative conversation.

4. Others?