September 20, 2020

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City Council June 15, 2020

Council had 4 meetings this day – we can show you 3 of those here.

This time the Mayor was in chambers with staff while the rest of council, and delegations / participants, came in on Zoom.

It began with a Committee of the Whole at 10 AM. That ran just shy of 3 hours.

At 2PM there was a Public Hearing – a Feedback opportunity for interested parties to speak to the proposed Drive-In theatre / venue.

At 2:30 PM the regular meeting of council began. That ran just over 3 hours . . . too bad I don’t bill them by the hour.

To view the June 15, 2020 Committee Of The Whole meeting agenda
as an HTML page or as a PDF doc

NOTE – for those interested the Alcar Investments item is about the proposed Tim Horton’s so if you want to know what happened to that then watch this piece.

Boundary Museum Society Gallery 2 19th Street Restoration Alcar Investments - Update on Development Permit for 441 Central Avenue Petition - Motocross REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION - WITH AREA D Seniors Centre Monthly Highlight Reports Donaldson Drive and LED Lights Video Streaming QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

To view the June 15, 2020 Public Feedback session agenda
as an HTML page or as a PDF doc (there is no pic chart for this item)

To view the June 15, 2020 City Council meeting agenda
as an HTML page or as a PDF doc

MINUTES Temporary Market Avenue Closure Support services for vulnerable population COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Potential Decisions from Registered Delegations Seniors Centre Motocross - proposed solution for restricting access Support services for vulnerable population Temporary Market Avenue Closure Local Government Approval for Temporary Expanded Liquor Service Areas - File PD20-13 Temporary Use Permit to accommodate a drive-in theatre, RV/tent camping and community celebrations, events and meetings at 2420-68th Avenue Proposed Lease - Amenity Space for Raven Place on Lots B and C on 70th Avenue Approval of DMAF Charter Bylaw 2039-A13 Amendment - Definitions for Restaurant and Charitable or Non-Profit Food Service