April 20, 2021

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City Readies For High Water

May 30, 2020

High temperatures accelerate snow melt and causes higher stream flows. Spring rains add water to the streams that all feed into one of the two rivers that flow through our town. The historic Flood of 2018 is still fresh in people’s memories and even though the current situation doesn’t appear to be as dire as 2 years ago there is concern.

The RDKB has declared a state of Local Emergency and an Evacuation Alert for all properties within the Boundary that are within the 200 year floodplain.

To help people and businesses understand what the city is doing there was a short public information session downtown in front of the Source. I broadcast it live on Facebook and recorded it for all of you who don’t use Facebook.

The next morning I took a short trip through downtown to see what was happening.

Saturday, May 30, has been a busy day for flood preparations.

Gabe Warriner has restarted sandbag production at the arena and his operation is in full swing as you can see below.

When businesses downtown reopened this morning they found sandbags left for them on palettes. A number of the trucks lined up at the arena brought sandbags downtown and left them for businesses.

It’s not that businesses are all that fearful of overland flooding – the city’s Tiger Dams will keep any of that from being a problem for them. What they worry about is high water finding its way into the storm water system and spilling out of it and causing a problem. So they are sandbagging just in case.

Where the Tiger Dams are

And what of those Tiger Dams? They were being installed and filled this afternoon. The route they cover swings from Market and 1st around the forks paralleling the river up to Selkirk College. The only gaps are for the 2nd Street bridge and the Pumping Station / Stage in City Park (though there may indeed be a length going behind it – that wasn’t in place when I was there before they had completed it).

UPDATED to show Tiger Dams and their path