July 4, 2020

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Council Meeting May 25, 2020

Council had a single public meeting. It was a Zoom meeting at 10 AM

Drive-In Theatre - Chuck Varabioff Market Avenue Pedestrian Only Order request within Grand Forks Market District Councilor Moslin COUNCIL REPORT Covid-19 Pandemic Support and Extreme Weather Shelter Program Potential Decisions from Registered Delegations Future Meeting Schedule Fire Service Operations Level, Revision to Policy #901 Capital Budget Amendment :- City Hall Elevator Repair Additional Information :- Development Variance Permit Application (DVP2002) Proposed Reduction of Setbacks from Residential and Community Use Zones: 105 :- 60th Avenue (Cannabis Processing Facility near Airport) Land Acquisition Program :- Salvage Opportunities Definition - Charitable or Non-Profit Food Service Re-opening of City Facilities Quarter 1 2020 Financial Reports

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