January 22, 2022

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Water is Rising in the River

It’s that time of the year and the river is running high. There have been anecdotal reports of it spilling over its banks in Johnson Flats at a spot where there is not dike or berm.

This is what it was like on Monday May 18 (it’s a 360 degree video so if you’re watching on a pc or tablet use your mouse or finger to change the direction you look in – if you’re watching on a cell phone just hold up your phone and turn to look in different directions.

Need Sandbags?
Gabe Warriner at the River Valley Church has moved back into production mode and there are bags available there.

Update: We have filled sandbags available if you need them. Come and get them at 2836-75th ave. If the water is rising around a neighbours home and they are not on fb, let them know and have them call me at (250) 444-4400. Thanks everyone and stay safe.

Hey everyone, thanks to three generous donations of sand from Grand Forks Sand and Gravel, Granby Sand and Gravel, and Christina Lake Sand and Gravel, plus coordination from Proficient Disaster Response and sandbags from our local fire department, we have sand and sandbags available for those who want to prepare during this preparedness time. We are hoping for the best but if you have flooded especially in 2017 or in prior years and want to pick up some bags you’re welcome to! We ask that you take a maximum of 100 for now. We can also bring filled bags to your home If you have no means to pick up or need help with the heavy work of sandbagging. We hope to begin filling bags but please bring a shovel and come prepared to fill your own sandbags If there are none filled already to take.

RVCC 2826 75th Ave. Down the road east from Hutton. Behind Supersave and ABH.

For information regarding sandbagging during covid19 go to:


For current info on 2020 freshet conditions go to: https://emergency.rdkb.com/

For help navigating these information websites call 2504444400 and I’ll do my best to help you out.

From Gabe Warriner’s Facebook post

For those who need some reminding about how to deploy those sandbags and get prepared in general we offer this link to Preparedness Week from a year ago.