November 23, 2020

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

City Council April 20, 2020

Council had one public meeting this Monday. They decided it should be at 2PM . . . and it ran nearly 4 hours.

Once again the members of council were not physically present – they attended using the Zoom app.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA REGISTERED PETITIONS AND DELEGATIONS Peter Kootchin re CREM Holdings - Request for temporary aquadam placement around two buildings REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB REPORT Potential Decisions from Registered Delegations Development Variance Permit Application DVP2002 Report on Options for Seniors Society Facility Motocross Update Electrical Utility Rates Verbal Update Bylaw 2071 - Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw 2072 - Tax Rates 2020 QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA IN-CAMERA RESOLUTION

Technical things:

  • This is the second Zoom Council meeting I’ve broadcast. The last meeting had me sitting at the media table near the back and when staff were talking to council all I could show was the back of their heads . . . this time I brought a few more cameras and sat at the front so I could manipulate them if needed (change angle and focus) and show staff members from the front.
  • When I went to stream Facebook threw an interface change at me. After some searching I had everything I needed but at one point it appeared the screen had frozen. This turned out to be just my monitor window which I was able to find out because I asked the viewers if it was frozen at their end and it was not.
  • There was a point in the meeting where the video from the main camera was frozen and I had to disconnect and reconnect it to get it back. Unfortunately this was the source for the audio as well. Luckily I had all the cameras recording as well so that section was not lost. (yahoo redundancy)
  • The next issue was the opening screen – I had incorrectly put April 19 instead of 20. And of course a viewer noticed and pointed it out. I was able to correct that for the produced version you can see here.
  • The final issue was the top-of-screen overlay with the city’s and gftv’s logos and the text identifying the meeting and date (which was correct). I’ve been using a line that goes right across the screen full width. But the zoom screen took a more nearly square chunk out of the video space. I had put the staff along the left side. And I realized, late in the meeting, that I could condense this top line overlay into something less wide, something that could fit above the staff segment and leave a bunch of space above that I could expand the main video into. So that is the way the whole thing looks in the produced video. It may stay that way in the future.