September 30, 2020

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

City Council April 6, 2020

Council had its first ‘public’ meetings of the COVID Pandemic period.

Essentially none of council were physically present in the chambers – the meeting was being held partly in cyberspace using the Zoom video conferencing tool and partly in real space with staff in the chambers appearing in front of council as a participant in the meeting via a webcam showing the whole room. And brought to the world via myself through the local Facebook Soapbox group.

It was a bit of a rough ride – getting the audio and video to work for streaming had its ups and downs, who was monitoring which councilor got to speak next and directing who would be the large video at the chamber end of things. (not something the mayor could do because he wasn’t in the room)

But we made it work – next time I’ll look into bringing the live stream to a wider audience so people who are not Facebook members will still be able to see and hear.

A 360 degree view of chambers

Grand Forks and District Public Library Water and Sewer Utility Staffing Update Flood Response Presentation and Discussion Monthly Highlight Reports Farmers Market Discussion Information and Discussion on Burning
Flood Prevention Plan for downtown properties Proposal Regarding Outreach Services Reports of Council 1 RDKB Report 1 Reports of Council pt 2 Potential Decisions from Registered Delegations CREM Holdings Boundary Family Service Society DMAF Land Acquisition Review Panel Terms of Reference Early Capital Budget Approval for Industrial Lift Station Rebuild and Saddle Lake Spillway Bridge projects 2020 Budget Recommendations Wellness Commitee Liaison

The two meetings were both in the morning with the regular one immediately after the committee of the whole.

Technical differences between the meeting videos:
When I went to produce these versions of the meetings, from the recordings I had to work with, I made a few production decisions.
The first meeting is pretty much a copy of what went out to the stream. During the second meeting I was told that the audio in the stream had been missing the part from the chamber itself (viewers could hear council but not staff).
I had to bring that in from the camcorder’s recording in post. And during the meeting half the screen was taken up with the side of back of staff’s heads while councilors spoke. So I made the councilor video full screen during those periods.
The audio from the camcorder was really too loud so I had to switch between that and the recorded audio (which also had a line from the computer hosting the Zoom meeting).
All this took some time . . . a bit longer than the meetings almost.

Actual Meeting Events Do Not Track Agenda Order:
The regular meeting agenda usually lists reports of council followed by the RDKB report. With the shift of rep from the mayor to a councilor we’ve seen the councilor shift from her council report into talking about the RDKB things. Then the next councilor does their report. And at the end of it the Mayor will ask if she has anything to add to her RDKB report. And if she does, like in this meeting, she speaks for a while on that.
So instead of Council Reports followed by RDKB report we get Council Reports part 1, RDKB Report part 1, Council Reports part 2, and RDKB Report part 2. Just so you know why they appear in the list more than once . . .
And at the end a late item was thrown into the meeting without notice – which in emerging situations like now can happen.

All the agenda items from the Regular Meeting
NOTE: Homeless and the MOTO situation are discussed in the Boundary Family Service Society section. Quite a bit of that was discussed in the earlier meeting.