January 22, 2022

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Council Meetings of Dec 16, 2019

Council had a very busy day with 3 meetings and a public hearing.

It began with Committee Of The Whole which had looked like it might be truncated due to one of the delegations withdrawing. But instead it ran long – 3 and 1/2 hours long.

They then had an in-camera meeting which of course we don’t know what happened.

At 6 PM there was a Public Hearing for a rezoning application (which saw no one from the public attend).

In the evening was the regular meeting. Relatively uneventful except two things:
First – before the meeting began Council presented Daniel Drexler with a recognition of achievement for high scores in a scholastic class related to his work in local government.
Second – there was a short burst from a person who opened the door and shouted ‘You should all be ashamed of yourselves’ and then left.

You might notice that Council Reports takes the lion’s share of the meeting. That’s slightly deceptive as the RDKB report is mixed in there and a motion by the Mayor was discussed as well.

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