March 30, 2023

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Where is that meeting where they said that thing?

With the Buyout stage of Flood Recovery upon us I’m getting requests from people looking for the recordings of the meetings. So here it all is – what I’ve been answering people with.

gftvca has a YouTube Channel
goto Playlists
look for these play lists (all should be sorted most recent first)
Council 2019 – this year’s council meetings
Council 2018 – last year’s council meetings
Flood Recovery – all the flood recovery meeting videos I recorded.
2018 Flood – from the time of the flood


I don’t make transcripts of the meetings but YouTube’s robot does.
Depending on the quality of the sound the accuracy can range from not bad to comically bad.
The following only works if you are watching the video at YouTube. To do that simply click on the YouTube link in the lower right of the video.
The animation below shows these steps visually.
To see if there is a transcript you should try the 3-dots menu beside the ‘SAVE’ just below the video on the right.
In that menu you should see open transcript.
If you do that you’ll see the complete transcript available on the right of the video.
And at that point you can select and copy all that text.
and then paste it into a word processor
and once it’s in there you can search for words
and if the robot was able to correctly recognize the speech
you might find those words. Along with a time code showing where they happened.

Playlists – watchable here

Flood Recovery Playlist
Flood Videos (some duplication with Flood Recovery)
Council 2019
Council 2019