City Council Meeting of May 21, 2019

There was only one public meeting of Council on May 21, 2019
You can read along in the agenda if you want by following these links to the Agenda:
As a web page
Or as a PDF doc

The gallery was full – actually more people showed up than could fit in the room. Which meant some waited until others left. Pretty much everyone was there about the city’s plan to get BC Housing to agree to move the supportive housing project from its downtown location to the properties adjacent to the development they are currently engaged in building between the Womens’ Transition House and Brycen Place. And most of the more voluble were against it. To see the Council’s deliberations on this click here or on the pie green slice at the top label Bylaw 2039-A6 Proposed Rezoning on 90th Street.

If Housing isn’t high on your priority list you might be more interested in the large amount the city has to put into the Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades Project. Millions to build a better drain to dump our waste in.

A reminder – when you click on one of the pie slices a new window / tab will open and you’ll be at Youtube and the video will be ready to play at the point you chose. But now you have to press Play.

MINUTES Perley School Re-Wilding Project COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT 2018 Statement of Financial Information LED Streetlight Capital Project Budget Amendment Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Upgrades Project Cannafest Music Festival Ltd Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence Application UBCM Grant Opportunity Housing Needs Reports Program Bylaw 2042-A1 - Elections Amendment Bylaw 2054 - Smoke- and Vape-Free Places Bylaw 2039-A6 - Proposed Rezoning on 90th Street QUESTION PERIOD

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