November 26, 2021

Grand Forks TV

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High Risk Driving Blitz Yields Impaired Drivers

The RCMP West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit was active this past weekend as part of a month long ‘High Risk Driving Blitz’. You can read about it on the Trail detachment’s website. It doesn’t give a bunch of statistics, only the number of tickets issued during the blitz – 116. But it does point out a few of the problem drivers they encountered.

They took a drunk driver off the road in a school zone at 3:30PM in Warfield. That’s around the time kids are out and about in the area . . . good that they got him of the road.

One day at Wilgress Lake the twice encountered a broken down vehicle and its driver. The first time they gave him a lift so he could get help. The next time they saw him he was behind the wheel of that same broken down vehicle as it was being illegally towed by a pick-up truck. Turns out the driver of the towing vehicle failed the roadside alcohol test so they stopped him doing what he was doing . . . and took away his license to drive for 90 days. So instead of saving the cost of a single tow job they ended up with both vehicles being towed and a fine as well. A membership in BCAA would have been cheaper . . .