May 16, 2019

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City Council May 6

On May 6 , 2019 Grand Forks’ City Council had a bunch of meetings. 4 of those were public.
Links to agendas for the meetings today
Committee Of The Whole
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Public Hearings
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Regular meeting
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First there was a Committee Of The Whole at 9AM. The presenter for the Community Forests was not present so that did not happen. There was a presentation by Angela Nichols on a Community Courtesy Circle – this was previously presented on this website here.
A School Re-Wilding project by teachers and students of Perley School was brought before council looking for water access. But without a teacher to present it council was unsure of what exactly was being asked for and who was actually doing the asking.
Bylaw 2064, the Smoke and Vape Bylaw came back and it still makes it an offense to light up on any city sidewalk . . .
An Elections Amendment bylaw, 2042-A1,was discussed as well.

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE AGENDA Community Courtesy Circle Perley School Re-Wilding Project REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION - WITH AREA D Monthly Highlight Reports Temporary Use Permit Application - Parking Lot for Cannafest on 2200 Block of 68th Avenue Bylaw 2042-A1 – Elections Amendment Bylaw 2054 – Smoke- and Vape-Free Places LATE ITEMS QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

At 6 PM there were two public sessions One was a Hearing about a proposed Subdivision, Rezoning and Consideration of approximately 0.5 hectares for parking lot expansion to relieve traffic congestion and alleviate safety concerns at John A. Hutton Elementary School and the other a Feedback Session regarding an application by Non-Medical Cannabis Retail store.

The Evening meeting had a couple of requests for liquor permits by events taking place this summer. For the first time council covered them as one item on the agenda. Another was a temporary use permit application by Cannafest to use land adjacent to Brycen Place for parking.
They also covered the 2019 Tax Rates in bylaw 2058

MINUTES REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB REPORT Summer Event Liquor Permit Requests Temporary Use Permit Application - Parking Lot for Cannafest on 2200 Block of 68th Avenue Q1 2019 Financial Reports LATE ITEMS

Or you can watch them here from the beginning.