September 24, 2021

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Smoke Haze Due To Controlled Burn

Last night (May 8) it was a cloud on the western horizon – today it’s a smelly haze hanging over the town.
What’s Burning?
It is an “Ecosystem restoration burn planned for Gibbs Creek” according to the BC Wildfire Service.

According to the site page:
The key goals of this burn include:

  • rejuvenating the shrub, herb and grass layer, which will enhance habitat for mule deer, white-tailed deer and elk;
  • improving overall biodiversity in the area and promoting more climate-resilient tree stands; and
  • reducing accumulations of dead and combustible material, which will decrease the risk of future catastrophic wildfires in the area.

We can all hope that it goes well and the smoke quickly dissipates.

Meanwhile it’s a reminder that fire season is coming. The time to check your readiness is Now before it’s too late to be effective. Check those fire extinguishers to see if they still have a charge. Clean up any dry debris that could become kindling. Give some thought to exactly what you will take if you have to leave in a hurry because you won’t be clear about it in the moment.

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