August 6, 2020

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Genetically Engineered Foods and Human Health

On Dec 5, 2013 Grand Forks was the latest stop in the Cross Canada Speakers Tour of  Dr. 131205_ge_food_tourThierry Vrain and Dr. Shiv Chopra.

They’re on the road informing the public about the science, controversies and politics around and behind Genetically Engineered / Genetically Modified Organisms.
Dr. Chopra gives a brief history of the evolution of laws in Canada about Food followed by his experiences on how it went awry.

On Dec 6 I sat with Gary Smith.

Following the public meeting on GE/GMO Foods yesterday at the Seniors Centre I’ve interviewed the man that was trying to counter the information and presenters.
That man is Gary Smith.
He works in the Integrated Pest Management business and he has things to say about the information promulgated last evening and the whole anti-GE/GMO mindset.

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