November 27, 2021

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City Council Budget Planning Session Jan 28, 2019

Last Monday afternoon there was a Budget Planning session in city council chambers.

They faced a list of projects and expenditures that our town faces. If we had unlimited funds we’d do everything that needed to be done – but we don’t. We have limited funds and consequently we have to figure out which things are important enough to get funded and which can’t. By we I mean the city council and city staff.
Staff assembles a list of the projects that need doing. Each one is ‘scored’ in 3 areas of measurement. This system helps when prioritization is being done.
Staff has presented Council with a list of a few dozen projects. Some are new and others are carried forward from the previous year.
They are asking each member of Council to pick the 7 projects from these that they would really like to see completed in the coming year. So Staff should get 7 lists of 7 choices. This method gives staff a reading on Council’s desires and Staff can then advise council on how priorities have worked out so that Council can then pass a Budget.
This method has already been used here last year but some on council who had previous experience on council found the scheme new to them. You can see this explained in the link below on Decision Making.

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