City Council Oct 9, 2018

Oct 9, 2018 was a long day for council.
It began with a Committee Of The Whole meeting starting at 9AM. That meeting didn’t look very involved in the agenda but ended up taking a lot longer when it actually took place, 2 hours and 49 minutes.
They had an in-camera meeting after that.
In the evening they had one of the shortest meetings on record for this council – less than 11 minutes!
And this will be the last meeting of this council before the voting for the next council happens. (not the very last meeting of this council though)

Where was all the discussion in the Committee Of The Whole meeting?

Regional Topics with Area D, the CAO & Recovery Manager report,


The Regular Meeting. Less than 11 minutes. ’nuff said. (normally an item has to get at least 90 seconds of discussion to get a slice in the pie. That left only two slices so I shortened it to 30 seconds)

The meetings from beginning to end.


REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION - WITH AREA D Monthly Highlight Reports CAO and Recovery Manager Bylaw 2054 ??? Smoke And Vape Free Places Bylaw revitalization_tax_exemption QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Capital Project Funding from Reserves Temporary Use Permit Application 7255 Riverside Drive for a Church Bylaw 2051 - 2019 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

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