January 22, 2022

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Council Meetings July 23, 2018

The only council meeting day of July didn’t disappoint those who expect not-so-smooth-sailing from Grand Forks City council.
It began with an ironic double appearance by one of the delegations at  the Committee Of The Whole meeting in the morning: Paramedics appeared as the 2nd delegation to promote ‘Community Paramedicine in BC’ and then they were back to take the Mayor off to the hospital before the meeting was over! (He is okay and didn’t even have to stay overnight)

Whispers of Hope also appeared to ask the city’s opinion on a plan of theirs: They’ve got a ‘mobile’ kitchen which needs a location in order to serve their clients. They were hoping to use Dick Bartlett Park but that idea was not well received. You can hear all that in the video.

The evening meeting just met the requirements for forum after 3 councilors (Konrad, Ross and Tripp) were no shows. At less than 18 minutes the Meeting was also one of the shortest they have had. You might notice the pie chart has not too many slices. Our apologies for the quality of the audio.


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