Community Meetings in Ruckle and Johnson Flats

It’s been nearly a month since the major flood event and people in the two hardest hit parts of town are slowly working through the aftermath as best they can if they can.

Officials from local government and the Emergency Operations Centre are holding  public meetings with residents in the areas affected.

I’ve tried to attend and record these meetings.

The first was in North Ruckle Friday June 8 at 4 PM. You can watch that below.

The third meeting is on Saturday afternoon in Johnson Flats.

The second was in South Ruckle and once that video is available it will also be watchable here. The reason for the delay is my fault: I ran out of battery on my main camera (lost the spare I brought), then ran out of memory on the cell phone I switched to. I recorded the last part with a third camera (360 video) but the audio might need adjusting to be able to hear some of the questioners.

Okay, for the reasons stated above the video is in two parts. Part 1 is below.

The second part is a 360 degree vr video so please don’t expect too much in the quality of the video or the audio (I have tried making people without microphones more audible but the whole thing gets a bit noisy)

The Johnson Flats meeting: (if this video is being shown as if it is a VR video I apologize. it isn’t and was not intended to be but somehow YouTube thinks it is. I’m working on fixing that)

2 thoughts on “Community Meetings in Ruckle and Johnson Flats

  1. Martin O'Brien

    Thank you, Les, for filming the meetings. When I saw you there, I knew I could walk away secure in knowing that others would surely ask any questions or voice any concerns I might have (as they did), and that I could watch your coverage sitting down, with a coffee and no mosquitos, and fast-forward through any posturing, deflection, etc. Thanks again.

  2. Cliff Prystie

    It was good to know that the meetings were being documented by recorded video. To many questions not answered clearly by the individuals responsible for those reasons. Traveling here from Ontario to help friends is my way of “paying it forward” for the generous help I have received in the past. This situation hurts for the one reason that it seems that it is not being taken serious enough by the city officials. but Cana fest is priority as with tourism?


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