Behind Every Placard Is A Human Story

After the water had receded and people were allowed to return to their homes and businesses they were faced with a coloured placard.

Every Yellow or Red one flags a human story, a tale of woe for most – for some the worst moment in recent memory if not their life.

We have a small sample of Ruckle residents to tell their tale here. More will come.


1 thought on “Behind Every Placard Is A Human Story

  1. Princess

    They deemed our tennants house safe to enter but the power was not shut down, electrical was charged and submerged in water.
    Before he walked in, we told him to wait, we need to call fortis. He could have died because DFA said it was safe to enter without truly knowing what was happening inside.
    Balls are being dropped here, this flood has been one Kluster F*** after another!


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