October 23, 2020

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Province Will Cover Tipping Fees For Flood Damaged Materials

From Director Russell’s Facebook post

YAY! After a ridiculous number of phone calls and conversations, we did it! Thanks, Mike Farnworth, John Horgan, EMBC, and all the very hard work of our team at the EOC, City and RDKB staff folks both. Phew. See the RDKB press release for more details. Here are the details from their release:

Given the extraordinary circumstances and wide-spread flooding damages to individuals, families and small businesses as a result of the recent flooding in Grand Forks, the Province will cover tipping fees related to disposal of flood damaged materials.

Background details:

· The Province and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary have agreed to an “aggregate billing process” to streamline the entire transaction process and not place an onerous up-front cash burden on individuals, families and small businesses.

· People can bring their flood debris to a local waste management facility. Facility staff will verify that the waste is flood impacted debris and confirm origin of waste, as well as document the weight and volume. Facilities will compile the transactions and send an invoice for the total amount to the Province for reimbursement.

· It’s important to note, that the fees are not being waived. Applicable fees will be consolidated by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and then submitted to the province for reimbursement.

· We remain committed to supporting and working with the Regional District and the community and people of Grand Forks throughout the recovery process.

Those residents impacted by Boundary flood won’t pay tipping fees. @EmergencyInfoBC #BCFlood #RDKB #2018Freshet #community pic.twitter.com/djeO5u110A

— RDKB Emergency Info (@RDKB_Emergency) May 26, 2018