I would like to apologize to those of you who may have been looking to this site for updates. As you may have noticed these have been sparse lately.

The primary reason is that I’ve become more involved in dealing with issues arising from the flood that directly affect me and my partner. We have to empty the store, Select Office Products, and before that we have to find / make space.

Add to that the fact that since more people locally are looking to Facebook for immediate and timely updates that is where a lot of my output has been going. I did try mirroring video updates from there on this site but technical issues have made that problematic. (the instructions they have on how to do it are now out of date and it’s been a very busy time to try and figure out alternatives.) I’ve got a handle on that now and any updates should make their way onto here in future.

I will try to keep this site updated but for those who are on Facebook the most information is at the Whats Up in Grand Forks BC group.

Thank you for you patience. Stay dry, stay safe. If you’re working hard: pace yourself and drink lots of fluids.


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