August 14, 2022

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City Council Meetings of Nov 27, 2017

Monday Nov 27, 2017 saw council sitting for two meetings. The first one was a Public Hearing (at 6PM) followed close on by the Regular meeting at 7PM.

The Public Hearing was for public questions and feedback about proposed changes to Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment 1919-A2, Zoning Bylaw 2039, and Zoning Bylaw Repeal 1606-R1. There’s a link on the right to the Agenda PDF for this meeting – though that doesn’t tell you much. And the meeting might seem a bit strange to some people because of the way it is conducted: unlike a normal council meeting where they speak and speak and the public asks questions after . . . this meeting works the opposite way. After opening the meeting they sit there quietly waiting for the public to ask them questions. As is explained early in the session this is to prevent them from biasing or pre-influencing the public in any way.

The Regular meeting was immediately after the Hearing.

As you can see from the pic chart the water rate structure for the mock billing period was the major topic of discussion. Both what type of rate structure and how long the mock billing period would go for. Or should there even be a mock billing period at all?

But that wasn’t the only topic of discussion . . . the Fee For Service agreement with the Downtown Business Association, the establishment of a Block Watch program, and funding support for a Safe and Secure Grand Forks Forum.


Proposed Implementation of City Block Watch Coordinator and Program Council Reports Will Council implement the Action Check List, as provided by Citizens for Safe Technology, Section 5: Microcells Council receives for decision the funding request regarding minor costs for expenses directly associated with hosting an event of this size up to, and not xceeding $500, from the Safe and Secure Grand Forks Forum RDKB REPORT 2018 Regular and COTW Meeting Schedule Water Rate Structure for Mock Billing Process 2018 Fee for Service Grand Forks Downtown Business Association Memo - Water Meter Complaint Questions From Public and Media