September 19, 2020

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Council Meetings Oct 16, 2017

After nearly a month hiatus (UBCM happened) City Council resumed meetings, on Oct 16.

And it was with a full day:
A Committee Of The Whole meeting followed by an In-Camera meeting and then the regular meeting in the evening.

The COTW meeting saw a number of delegations with presentations.

Both gallery 2 and the Boundary Museum came to present quarterly updates. gallery 2 brought along their new director for introductions.
A presentation was made to introduce council to the sport of disc golf with the hope that the city would be amenable to making some city park space available for a play space.

The Women’s Coalition came to ask the city for a letter of support. There’s possible funding to get working on tackling the problem of homelessness with the approach of Housing First. And there is a filing deadline of Oct 20 – just 4 days later. There was a presentation and a lot of discussion.

For a simple ask of just a letter of support there was a lot of talking. Which could be expected considering recent actions this council has taken in dealing with the problems of homelessness. At one point the Mayor says ‘it almost seems hypocritical that we are . . .’. I will let you make up your own minds on that if you care to watch and listen to the Housing First part of the meeting.

Committee Of The Whole

Regular Meeting

Committee Of The Whole
NOTE: The image below may say Sept 5 but the video that plays is the Oct 16 COTW.

Regular Meeting



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