May 23, 2022

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City Council Meeting Aug 21, 2017

There were supposed to be two meetings on Aug 21 but the Committee Of The Whole meeting was cancelled.

The ‘regular’ meeting was in the evening though it wasn’t ‘regular’ in a few senses.

On days where there are a COTW meeting in the morning and a regular meeting in the evening what usually takes place is delegations appear at the COTW where open discussion happens. Then if any actual decisions need to be made that fall into actions by council those happen during the evening meeting. It’s not always that way but often that gives topics brought by the delegations a broader scope with members of the public being able to participate in the discussion.

This evening meeting had two delegations slated to appear and neither showed up. Why I cannot say but it left council to discuss and deliberate based on the documentation submitted to it. One was the Fall Fair and the other the Herbivore Cannabis dispensary.

The other aspect of the meeting that wasn’t ‘regular’ was the participation of 3 council members by conference telephone call. Councilors Butler, Hammett and Ross appeared in voice only. So while all 7 were discussing and voting only 4 were physically present in the chamber. This is the first time I can recall where more than one council member was a ‘phone in’.

The regular meeting agenda is not the only supporting document to go with this meeting.

There is another PDF file as well, a Late Item regarding an extra $150,000 to be added to the budget for work on 22nd Street.

The meeting is below. To jump to any part just click on the pie slice for that portion and the meeting video will open in a new tab at that point in the meeting.


Delegation - Fall Fair Hearing - Business Licence for Herbivore Cannabis Inc Council Reports 72nd Sidewalk Design Options Quarter 2 Financial Report Monthly Highlight Reports Budget addon of 150,000 to 22nd St multi-utility project Questions From Public and Media