More Flooding To Come

It’s May 10 and the forecast is for flooding to happen again this coming weekend. And the prediction is that this next bout of flooding, beginning Thursday, will be more severe that last week’s event.

The Regional District site contained two information bulletins yesterday, those appear below. They are also putting up INFORMATION BOARDS at the Rock Creek Petrocan and at the Post Office in Grand Forks. The information boards will contain important information on flooding and will be updated daily.

A picture of the board from noon of the 10th is available for viewing here. (click on pic below)

You will be able to read the details and find out which ares are inside the flood plain and which are not. Also what levels will affect which areas within. The info graphic on the right shows predictions. Click on it to see a larger version.

Download (PDF, 60KB)

The second is especially for livestock owners:

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Updated to show Information board outside post office

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