Dec 12 2016 Council Meetings

Grand Forks City Council had two meetings on Monday Dec 12. A nice long one in the morning and a super short one in the evening.

In the morning meeting they had a new face sitting around the horseshoe – Area D Director Roly Russell. It’s a novel experiment in local government interoperability.

You can watch the meetings below. The videos are available for you to watch from the start if you wish. The pie slices in the charts are buttons that will take you to that part of the meeting. The sizes relate to how much of the meeting that topic was given. (topics under 90 seconds do not appear)

The Committee Of The Whole

The Regular meeting

Grand Forks COPA62 re potential 2017 Snowbirds Airshow The Sunshine Valley Women's Institute Request to remember the importance of the sidewalk on 72nd Avenue in front of The Silver Kettle and onto Extra Foods The Grand Forks Community Trails Society Councillor Butler's report to Council regarding a Proposed Recreation and Culture Committee of Council REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION Memorandum regarding the Citizen Satisfaction Survey Update Memorandum regarding the wayfinding signage update Strategic Plan update Verbal update regarding the Boundary Economic Development Committee Schedule for the 2017 Financial Plan Verbal presentation regarding snow removal Verbal update regarding the headworks grinder QUESTION PERIOD Long Service Awards REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Write-off of uncollectible business licences Grant-in-aid request from the Grand Forks Choral Society regarding music education costs of the event performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2017 Rec Commision Discussion Questions From Public and Media

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