September 29, 2023

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Permits Now (1910) Required To Build In The City

One of the items from the report on council meetings has to do with a change in ‘the way things are done’. If you had been living here in the previous 20 years as the city grew you would have been able to erect a building on your property without having to get permission to do that. After the council meeting of this week you would get a visit from the police if you didn’t have a permit. I’m not sure when the city got a bylaw enforcement officer but back in 1910 some of that was done by the local police.


In a previous post I mentioned that one of the items discussed at City Council had to do with Flyers (pamphlets) contributing to run away horses on the city streets. As it turned out the Mayor brought this before council for good reason as in the next week’s newspaper, June 30, there is a gut wrenching account of a local man’s slow death after just such an occurrence on the main road in the city.

You can read about this and more from 1910 on our Old Newspapers page.