November 27, 2021

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

City Council Meeting June 27 2016

City Council met for just over 2 hours on June 27

You can watch the whole thing below OR jump to any part you want using the slices of the pie chart below the video.


Annual Report 2015 Final Reading Adopt Agenda Minutes Application for DVP 7900 Block Riverside Drv Withdrawn motion by butler about detailed financial reports at every COTW meeting RDKB REPORT Electrical Upgrade for James Donaldson Park Letter regarding poverty reduction coalition and request for resolution at the UBCM Canadian Union of Postal Workers regarding the Federal Government reviewing public postal service Extension to Noise Control Bylaw No. 1963 for Cannafest Event 2016-2020 Financial Plan Bylaw Amendment No 1 2015 SOFI Statement Of Financial Information Consideration in this meeting of Policy 308 Code Of Conduct QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA